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iTunes library hard drive transfer

AyeJayeAyeJaye Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I've got my entire iTunes library on one hard drive, and that hard drive is filling up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, one of the only things I can move from that drive is the iTunes library. Can I move the folder between drives without having to re-add everything I've got in the library and iPod?

Thanks in advance.

AyeJaye on


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    RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited December 2007
    you should be able to do so without a problem, in my experience. Make sure to go into your preferences and change the default iTunes folder to somewhere on your new drive, though.

    Rankenphile on
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