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craiger316craiger316 Registered User regular
Did you refresh and did it show up ok then?

Because this looks like a little glitch on your side of the tubes.
Craiger, do you do anything but bitch about the site? I'm curious, because looking at your post history I'm not seeing any other contributions.

Not sure why it wasn't showing for me, I did a "View Source" and saw all the html there even though it wasn't visually rendering. Did a "Shift-F5" a few times to force a complete refresh, etc... I figured there was some css property being used that wasn't supported by IE. Sorry, for wasting your time.

Do I only bitch? No, I just report problems I perceive with the site. I think that's what this forum is for right? I find the rest of the forum pretty hostile, so I don't contribute elsewhere.

Anyway, again, sorry that the IE issue was a wild goose chase, not sure why the site wasn't rendering for *me*.

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    wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
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    While your post was not intended as anything bad(and I hope the mods see it that way), never, ever create a new thread to continue discussion of a locked thread. Ever. PM a mod if you have to. But it's really frowned upon here creating a thread to continue discussion of a locked one.

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    As we state in the rules thread, this really isn't the place for reporting problems with the site, anyhow. That would be Gabe, Tycho, or Khoo's inbox.

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