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Bioshock on 360 - Is my 360 dying?

thunderclumpthunderclump Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Games and Technology
Today, when I started playing Bioshock in earnest at last, I noticed a couple of irritating problems:

1. In intervals of roughly 4-10 seconds, the game will freeze completely for about a second, before carrying on as normal.

2. Sound files have a habit of acting like a 'broken record' (repeating certain parts over and over again before continuing).

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is this a symptom of a dying machine? Will I ever discover the secrets behind Rapture with these shitty hardware issues?

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  • LegacyLegacy Stuck Somewhere In Cyberspace The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited January 2008
    Are you connected to Live and did you download the update?

    Try clearing the cache(restart the 360 and hold A when you start the game up). It used to do that and then I thought they fixed it...

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  • ArrathArrath Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I ran into that problem too, my box played other games fine and later died. Can't say its a symptom of it going out though and its apparently a caching error. Check the 2k support site, do something like hold both bumpers and hit A while the game boots to do a cache clear.

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  • GrombarGrombar Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I had that problem too. Try transferring your profile and save data to a memory unit and running the game from there; that seemed to work for me.

    There's also been an update to the game not too long ago, which claims to fix at least some of the crashes. Haven't had a chance to check it out myself, but that might also help.

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  • WillethWilleth Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I had this with BioShock, and my 360's still running fine. I got similar errors with my old one on Table Tennis and got a new one on warranty.

    My recommendation is to get a can of compressed air and go to work in every hole you can find.

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