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iPod and Disk Usage

RemingtonRemington Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
Hello everybody!

Um, so I have an iPod. One of the 60 gig iPod videos, in fact. Currently it's got a ton of files that I don't want deleted but I'm really not using the iPod to save new files at the moment. I was using it for college stuff but I graduated, and while I want to keep all my college stuffs on there, I'd also like to disable the disk usage so I don't have to unmount the iPod every time I want to move it from say my iTunes computer to my car's head unit.

The simple question is:
if I uncheck "Enable disk use" in iTunes, its not going to delete or otherwise fuck up the files that are on it right now, is it? I would just move it all to my desktop HD, but I'm desperately low on space at the moment and dumping 30 gigs of stuff on it really isn't an option.

Remington on
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