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Ontario colleges and universities - bioengineering

DavoidDavoid Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I'm looking at various programs in Ontario regarding bioengineering.

University of Guelph seems to offer pretty good programs in this regard, yet the medical biotech and bioengineering technologist programs offered at Seneca and Centennial colleges seem quite good as well. Has anyone attended and/or is attending these programs? If so, any advice I could receive would be quite nice.

Davoid on


  • AlpineAlpine Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    Guelph is fantastic for Bioengineering, guidance counsellors from high school and friends that go there now all say the same thing to me.

    As far as colleges go, I've always been told that colleges were a stepping stone to University - there's no detriment to going there, and you really hit the ground running in University, but you will need to go to University at some point in order to stay competitive.

    That's just what I've heard from counsellors about the matter, ymmv.

    Alpine on
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