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Dell 3007WFP resolution problem

cctex823cctex823 Registered User regular
edited January 2008 in Games and Technology
I've got an Optiplex 745 small form factor with an integrated Intel 965 card with VGA output. I bought a Dell 3007WFP monitor and a DVI adapter card for my machine (supposedly DVI-D) and it basically enables the DVI output for that video card. Max resolution I get is 1280x800. This tech sheet says it will support a rez of 1920x1200. I've updated graphics drivers and monitor drivers to no avail, any ideas?

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  • RookRook Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    You'll need a Dual Link card to go any higher as the monitor only supports 1280x800 on a single link card.

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  • DeusfauxDeusfaux Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    thats not the issue necessarily.

    the monitor only accepts 1280x800 and 2560x1600.

    there is no built in scaler

    you can only get other desktop/game resolutions to display on it if your have your video in some kind of scaling mode. It'll either scale the rez up or down to one of those 2 that it accepts.

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  • peterdevorepeterdevore Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    DVI-D is unfortunately not the same as Dual Link DVI. This is confusing, but DVI-D just stands for DVI-Digital, which means it outputs only digitally (rare, since most are DVI-I, which do both analog VGA via adapter and Digital over a normal cable).

    Maybe a custom output program (something like powerstrip or something it's called) can help you out to push the single link to its limit or something, but I don't know.

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  • cctex823cctex823 Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    I'll try out powerstrip tomorrow. But if that doesn't work, my next quest is finding a half-height pci-e card that has dual link DVI output.

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  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    edited January 2008
    you need dual link DVI. I think that Dell sells half height cards for their machines that you can use, that should have Dual Link DVI ports.

    The integrated graphics most definitely cannot handle that monitor. That's why we never even order them with integrated graphics at work, too much risk of incompatabilities.

    Also, shoudlnt' this be in H/A or the Tech subforum?

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