Dimension Shift (Game Idea)

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I've always been fascinated by the entire space/time continuum and the theoretical possibility of infinite parallel dimensions. My idea is to have a bifurcated gamespace where there are two independently operating servers that represent two separate, but interconnected, dimensions. For ease in explanation, we'll have Server 1, which hosts a game that takes place in Dimension 1, and Server 2, which will occupy a separate dimension aptly named Dimension 2. Both Servers will offer a full and interactive game playing experience that is independently enjoyable (and resembles their counterpart dimension in some respects). But the wrinkle in our game is that the actions in Dimension 1 on Server 1 will create immediate, and sometimes radical, change on Server 2's Dimension 2. So, let's talk about DIMENSIONAL SHIFT...(more after the jump).

Dimensions Apart
Server 1 is a world of fantasy, where magic reigns over the landscape. Each person is born with, at the very least, a predisposition toward magic. As usual, there is a constant battle being waged in Server 1 between Light and Dark magic, constantly vying for supremacy over Dimension 1. Quests are undertaken, heroes are made, and overlords are crowned.

Server 2 is a world of science, and technology dominates the mechanics of the world. Robots careen through corridors and hovercraft alight upon floating skydocks. Of course, technology creates the potential for great power, both bad and good. Thus there can't help but be conflict in Server 2, as men battle for dominance.

Dimension Shift
The wrinkle in our story comes from stakes of these intra-dimensional battles: they battle for control of the inter-dimensional conduits. In the magic world, once side accrues enough advantage, they are able to summon magic sufficient to access their allies in the parrellel dimension and send through assistance via a one way wormhole between dimensions. The same is true of the technology dimension, where the winning side may employ sufficient technology to send their own men and weapons through.

Given the foreign nature of these items and persons, there are no developed defense mechanisms to these outsiders and they are incredibly powerful in the alien dimension. A trans-dimensional wizard from Dimension 1 will bring to bear massive power in Dimension 2. Thus, dimensions that work together will benefit greatly from the cooperation by essentially having dimension trade services and exchange students. Indeed, it will create a feedback loop as both sides are able to assist each other to greater heights of power and thereby employ the conduits to greater effect.

Of course, there are numerous caveats, most of which I haven't figured out yet. One of them will certainly be the fact that a foreign item cannot be repaired in its new habitat and will be impossible to recreate once destroyed. Similarly, a dimensional exchange student, once he dies, will respawn in his home dimension, forced to wait for his next opportunity to ride the conduits over. There will be limitations placed on the usage of the conduits, with the explanation that repeated overuse will result in dimensional tears, which will deplete the powers of the side guilty of the transgression (this will help prevent total supremacy by other side) .

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