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Xbox Live downloading and policy questions

Bang Bang Miss AmericaBang Bang Miss America Registered User regular
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1. Can you re-download xbox live arcade games to a different hard-drive?
2. Can you re-download xbox live CONTENT (gamer pics, halo maps etc.) on to a different hard-drive?
3. If so, any conditions? (Like for example, only allowed to copy to three hard-drives etc.)


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    EinhanderEinhander __BANNED USERS regular
    edited January 2008
    When you buy something on Live, you're buying "two licenses". You're buying one for your console, and one for your gamertag.

    So, if you buy Sonic 2 (or any live arcade game) on Xbox A with your Gamertag, then anyone on Xbox A can play Sonic 2 as long as it's still on the hard drive, because you bought a license for the console itself.

    If you take your gamertag to another Xbox (Xbox B), you can download Sonic 2 onto the Xbox B hard drive, but you will only be able to play it while you are signed into Live with the Gamertag that purchased it. No other gamertags will be able to play it on Xbox B, and the gamertag that bought the game has to be signed in to Live to play, because it is the only gamertag on the system that has a license to play the game.

    It's the same for premium (stuff you pay for) DLC like maps and car packs.

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