DailyShow.com Video Streaming Troubles

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I'm been trying to watch my daily fill of The Daily Show from thedailyshow.com

Only problem is, the videos are really messed up for me.

What will happen is, I will click play. The Loading... image will come up, but then that will disappear, the text below the video will change to the next video, then the Loading... thing comes up again, only to jump to the next video, then the next, and it just loops that.

The highlighted 'Coming Up Next' segment in the scrollbox below the video will zoom through all the videos, restarting at the top and looping as each successive video is loaded.

This happens in Firefox and IE

Anybody have the same problem/know a solution?

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    bintarobintaro Registered User new member
    yes...been messed up for 2 weeks now...really sucks!

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