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*Ring Ring* "Hey, this is UO... Do you miss me? ... Shiiit I miss you!, Come back to me!"

www.uodivinity.com updated from 1.0 to 2.0 divinity. Stable 1,000+ Players online at any given time. ( http://my.uodivinity.com/statistics/ )

"UO Gamers: Divinity is a free Ultima Online server produced by RunUO and WTFMAN.com which is based in the era of Ultima Online: The Second Age also known as "T2A".

Although you'll find some differences from what you may remember of The Second Age we've done our best to keep game play as accurate as possible, remove the inherent problems from the T2A era and even mixed in some things from other ages of Ultima Online to really give the shard the fun factor that you'll need. That said we still offer by far the most accurate server around.

Essentially the goal of Divinity is one that brings together what most of us consider the best time in Ultima Online while adding features to keep the game play interesting. We are well aware that one of the major draws to this era is the PVP style and we've spent countless hours working with people tweak PVP and get it as close to possible for the era while making it as balanced as possible. If you notice something that isn't exactly as it should be in your mind please do not fret it's been changed for balance and nothing more. Since PVP is one of the major draws we've decided to make sure that PVP related skills will gain faster than crafting skills in order to ensure you can get up and running quickly on the field but not inundate the economy by having everyone with their own "mules" (crafting characters)."

All downloads needed to play this game can be found here.


Please keep in mind if you are interested in plaything this game, that the game its self is 10ish years old.
This game is no easy game, and you will have MANY questions.

(This is a "Free" Shard)

See you there!

Come on now, I know ONE of you wants to give me access to "Age Of Conan" Beta! /Offering my left nutticle...
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