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Buying a sound mixer.

Grandaddy DeliciousGrandaddy Delicious Registered User regular
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I'm trying to help my friends get a podcast started. We are looking for a firewire or USB mixer that will allow the recording of four different tracks at one time, which, oddly enough, has been really hard to find. Apparently a lot of mixers that say they are four channel or eight channel or what-have-you only record one or two tracks at a time. That is ridiculous. How are you supposed to figure that out?

I just need a mixer that will allow me to record four tracks from four mics at one time. Any suggestions?

Edit: Looking to spend less than 250 bucks. 199 is the sweet spot.

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  • garroad_rangarroad_ran Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    You're recording onto a computer, right?

    You're not looking for a mixer, you're looking for a soundcard.

    With a stock soundcard, the best a mixer will do for you is downmix all your different mics into a stereo (2 channel) track, which you'd record using the Line in on your soundcard.

    You need something along the lines of this:
    M-Audio gear is expensive but high quality.

    I highly recommend the Presonus Firestudio. I've been using its predecessor (the Firepod) for four years now, and it is a great soundcard. The preamps are good, and the FireStudio has a few added bells and whistles which are very nice. Also: It comes with recording software.

    Also, I'm not sure how it would affect you seeing as you're only looking for four tracks, but Firewire interfaces, being faster, are better.

    Obviously the stuff I put up there is out of your price range, but dig around a bit and hopefully you'll find something that suits you. Unfortunately, if I were you, I'd definitely be looking to spend closer to $4-500 for a good product.

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