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CronyxCronyx Registered User regular
What process is required to have a new community brought up for consideration? The WOW one has a good number of people posting. There's also a good number of posters playing Eve Online too. Thoughts?

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  • ThanatosThanatos Registered User regular
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    Given that in two and a half months, the G&T thread for it has only gotten 50 pages worth of posts, I doubt very much if there will be a community for it anytime soon.

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  • CronyxCronyx Registered User regular
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    That's because the single thread is restrictive in the kind of posts that are made. If it were kicked out from under the umbrella of G&T, and left to run on its own, it would be of a lot more use to those of us playing the game.

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  • Dyrwen66Dyrwen66 the other's insane Denver CORegistered User regular
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    Generally speaking, it has to have a huge amount of fanbase on forum. The WoW thread in G&T used to recycle as fast as the chat threads do now, so they needed a whole forum to themselves.

    People have tried to get other sections made, but it is rather hard moving out of the G&T area. Just wouldn't get your hopes up, is all.

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  • ToastToast Registered User
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    We don't need an Eve forum. It'd stagnate very quickly and then we'd have no Eve chat at all. The current thread is fine - the only restriction is on being deliberately bitchy about other PA corps, which belongs on corp boards or GalNet.

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