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Oil 'Slick' Dave Grohl (WIP)

JeckalHydeJeckalHyde Lord AwesomeNew ZealandRegistered User regular
edited February 2008 in Artist's Corner
Anyhow im whipping this up for a friend cos I haven't oil painted for a month.
Let me knoe what you think of it in its current stage.
And yes i know the right (left) eye is a bit high.

Image and ref


JeckalHyde on


  • BroloBrolo Broseidon Lord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
    edited February 2008
    It's not finished enough to really say. You seem to be doing pretty well, although I'd watch the eyes. The ones on yours look like they're a little too wide open, and the highlight on them is pretty bright.

    Brolo on
  • GreatnationGreatnation Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    your skull needs more room for the brain. Also, check the angle of the jawline and the size of the cheeks. you have each half of his face the same width, but in the ref they are diferent

    Greatnation on
  • rtsrts Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Yeah the centerline of his face is further to the left in the reference, you have him looking more straight on. Also I would say the eyes are too large in general for the face, and there isnt enough hair shape/cranium on the back of his head (which Greatnation mentioned). I would also watch putting so much pink into his lips, even if the reference reads that way. Mix some of your flesh tones into that pink. I feel you are making him a little chubby as well (in the face). And the tree on his shirt in the reference is tilted which helps to imply the shape of his ribcage and the direction he is facing, but the tree in your piece is pointed straight up.

    Hope that helps!

    rts on
    skype: rtschutter
  • MaximasXXZMaximasXXZ Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    I dunno how exact your pencils want to be, but they're pretty off. If you're a good enough painter going for a stylistic approach it shouldn't matter. The paints look a lot more appealing right now than the pencils do.

    On a side note, oorah Oregon! (I'm from Portland)

    MaximasXXZ on
    PSN: MaximasXXZ XBOX Live: SneakyMcSnipe
  • Thrasher317Thrasher317 Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    I think the main problem I have is that when people learn to draw faces for the first time they always (mostly subconsciously) draw them front on. What you have is a shot of Dave with his head slightly tilted to the side, but instinctively you're trying to adjust the eyes and facial features to make them face the viewer. I think you really need to go back to your pencils and find out EXACTLY where to place the eyes and facial features. The best way to do this is a grid system or projector tracing them on. Best of luck.

    Thrasher317 on
  • DeeLockDeeLock Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    projector trace


    Come-on...that's lame.

    DeeLock on
  • JeckalHydeJeckalHyde Lord Awesome New ZealandRegistered User regular
    edited February 2008
    ok so a quick update, ive changed a few things but i like it.
    thanks for the comments on it for what i should be doing but mostly
    this is kinda what i do in paintings anyway, im not into realism realism, i like near realism, so yeah.


    JeckalHyde on
  • anableanable North TexasRegistered User regular
    edited February 2008
    His lips seems a bit too happy. He seems more somber in the reference. That might change once you put the goatee on. Just a heads up.

    anable on
  • KirkKirk Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Awesome job on the shirt so far.

    Kirk on
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