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Stéphane Peru dead

redfenixredfenix Aka'd as rfixRegistered User regular
edited February 2008 in Graphic Violence
from here
Jean Wacquet, editor-in-chief of French comics publisher Soleil, has informed that artist/colorist Stéphane Peru, best known for his work as a colorist on Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Annihilation: Conquest and Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar, Avengers: The Initiative, Civil War: X-Men, and DC’s Teen Titans: Year One, 52, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and All Flash, has passed away on Monday, February 11th. His work will also be seen in several upcoming projects such as the just-announced The Invincible Iron Man and Young X-Men. He was only 26.

I didn't see a thread on it, so here ya go. Dang, I'm 26.. I guess that means I'm not so invincible, huh.

Sad news, ya'll.

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  • MunchMunch Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Aw man, looking through his list of credits now and realizing that I really enjoyed his work, while not even knowing his name, is kind of sad. Everyone always pays so much attention to the penciller and writer on a comic, but a dude like this who kind of quietly works in the background tends to get overlooked.

    Between Seth Fisher, Gerber, Wieringo, and now Peru, the comic industry has lost some talented guys recently.

    Munch on
  • Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular
    edited February 2008
    a heart attack at 26

    jesus, that sucks hard

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  • SalmonOfDoubtSalmonOfDoubt Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Man, what's with all these comic people dieing recently?


    SalmonOfDoubt on
    PiptheFair wrote: »
    killing children would be hilarious
    Olivaw wrote: »


    Man, I don't want to read about this lady's broken vagina.
    NotACrook wrote: »
    I am sitting here trying to come up with a tiered system for rating child molesters.
    cock vore is fuckin hilarious
  • RizziRizzi Sydney, Australia.Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Man, this blows.

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  • Desktop HippieDesktop Hippie Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Wait... this guy coloured Teen Titans Year 1? Is it the same person who coloured issue #2?


    (stolen from Bad Karma's photobucket)

    ...because, seriously - I was just talking to someone yesterday about how beautiful the colouring in that entire issue was.

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