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some help with X-men please

jrbickersjrbickers Registered User new member
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so i was going through my parents storage the other day and found my old stuff from when i was a kid. my huge collection of x men cards (early 90s) and a few comics. the one that inspired me was

Havok and Wolverine, meltdown. I vaguely remembered it and so i went through reading it agian. found myself feeling like a kid again, unable to put it down, just had to finish it before looking at anything else. and when i got to the part where logan uses 2 blades through the back of someones skull and half the page is just a lifeless russian soldier with blades coming out his eyes....i decided i have to read as much as i can find, sadly i dont have that much.

based on my interests of X-men, and comics from that point forward what would you reccomend for me to go buy? there isnt a marvel store around where i live, my best bet is online. and marvels website seems to focus on everything new...and whenever i try to find anything old it just sends me to a generic amazon search of "x-men" could i get any help guys?

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