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My cel-style art

Beto_MachadoBeto_Machado Registered User new member
edited February 2008 in Artist's Corner
Some of my stuff. I'm very much into the cel animation look, specially 90's anime. First 5 are my characters (i'm starting to animate a series of short web episodes - it also involves cosplay, martial arts, 3D models, a fanzine and a color comic), last one is Erik Larsen's The Savage Dragon. The pages are over a year old, so they're not 100% but i wanted to show some sequentials, which i haven't drawn in a while.


The BG of the first pic is a placeholder done following a tutorial. The actual image has a white BG.


Beto_Machado on


  • eliseu gouveiaeliseu gouveia Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    I´m so used to seeing everything in english on the internet that I almost jumped on my seat when I noticed the lettering in portuguese!!

    Great stuff there, I like your style!
    More, please! :)

    eliseu gouveia on
  • IceheartedIcehearted Registered User new member
    edited February 2008
    Terrific work, and like eliseu said, I like your style! Your choices in color contrasts and shading are particularly striking.

    Icehearted on
  • MykonosMykonos Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    you've got some interesting stuff but in my opinion there are way to many fold lines, many of which seems unnatural, in the clothing of your top pic. Something similar could be said about the bottom one but i'll let someone better at judging handle that one.

    Great black and whites, though you may wanna take a look at the woman on the far right cover...i think her eyes are a bit higher than they should be.

    Are you by chance a fan of Peter Chung? Your initial style with the silver haired character seems heavily influenced by his works. Major props to you if you are.

    Mykonos on
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  • LlyLly Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    On the first one the guy's head and hair really sticks out as being rendered in a seemingly totally different style. The proportions are also a bit off. I agree that some of the time you are putting too much detail into the lines. Less is more. Colouring could use a lot of work too, you seem to be making the darker shades literally just darker (i.e. adding black), rather than adding another colour tone such as ambient light/reflected light. I generally like it though, keep it up :)

    Lly on
  • Beto_MachadoBeto_Machado Registered User new member
    edited February 2008
    Thanks for the replies.

    I like to doodle then start straight inking over it, following some of the random lines from the doodling. That makes it seem more organic and lively to me. All my favorite artists have a "fly by their pants" feel and frequently make mistakes because of it. It gives me a "why did he do this?" feeling that i really like.

    When i draw more like this


    it doesn't feel completelly natural or interesting to me.

    Beto_Machado on
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