[WOW] Where to start again?

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Whilst I was cleaning up around my computer desk today I found an unused time card for WOW, I haven't played since shortly after Burning Crusade dropped. I quit playing because the job I had at the time was very time intensive and made it impossible to join a guild or to even play the game for weeks at a time. I no longer have that problem and was thinking of starting up WOW again and was wondering where should I start playing again, is there a PA guild that welcomes new players? I want to be clear that I'm not looking for handouts or anything like that, just some suggestion on which server would be good to build a character to join in on the PA fun. I just want to have fun with the game again be it from raiding, questing, PvP, or roleplaying.

Also any other suggestions for someone who fell of the wagon and wishes to start WOW again?

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    IB4TEHLO... wait, this isn't the wow forums.

    Seriously though, probably best to just ask in the chat thread.

    (also: "in before the 'no backseat mod'ing'")

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