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[Wii] We Love Golf (from Camelot) to have online play in NA

LunkerLunker Registered User regular
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I have a number of dark, secret fetishes, but the only one pertinent to this forum is my fascination with golf video games. Tiger Woods '05 on PS2 was my poison of choice. I liked Wii Sports golf enough but wanted more, and strangely none of the other Wii golf games have really hit the nail on the head for me.

But Wii Love Golf from Camelot Software (makers of the sexcellent Mario Golf games and, IIRC, the original Hot Shots Golf) has been the title I've been waiting for. It kind of quietly tanked in Japan, but the impressions I'd heard were all pretty favorable (especially putting), and now it's gotten even better, since the North American release is getting online play. (Though fey on Joystiq for misspelling "Morrigan.")
Capcom's upcoming North American version of We Love Golf will add four-player online matches to the recently released Japanese game. Wii players will be able to connect with or without Friend Codes, and they'll have the option of Mii avatars in games.

Due sometime this year, the Wii golf game is being developed by Camelot Software, long-time cartoon-golf developers. Collectables and other touches add value to the OCD set; the poll results are in, and we'll get Ken and Morgan costumes in this version. But screw those extras, Capcom had us at "Friend Code optional."


I was quite irritated that none of the Tiger Woods games have had online play yet, since I have a few friends that I played Tiger with on the barren wasteland that was PS2 online! So it sounds to me like it'll be a blend of random pick-up matches and swapping Friend Codes to play with friends. Dunno when this is coming out yet, but I can't be the only one looking forward to it. It's Mario Golf, just minus the Mario!

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    urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    edited March 2008
    Oh holy shit. This looks so good. I'm a huge Camelot fan!

    urahonky on
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    troublebrewingtroublebrewing Registered User regular
    edited March 2008
    Dude, I'd definately be in to this. I like golf games but more of the arcadey ones than the technical ones. I liked wii golf and loved super swing (except for how hard the PC hacked), but didn't like Tiger Woods '08 so much. Anything online is a definate bonus. I could probably even get my broad to play this with me.

    troublebrewing on
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    mrsnackroadmrsnackroad Registered User regular
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    All I want is a nice, neat, fun little golf game to play and wile away the hours, and this is everything I've wanted from the company I've wanted it from.

    Online play is just a nifty little bonus, really.

    mrsnackroad on
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