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Come watch me demonstrate my lack of fashion and travel knowledge!

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I have a business trip this week where I'll be sitting in two meetings all day for two days, I have a clean suit, charcoal grey, and a couple of pairs of pants

However, due to slothfulness, forgetfulness, and recently obtaining Bioshock, I got my shirts to the dry cleaners late and they won't be ready come my flight's departure tomorrow. Had I thought of it I wouldn't have dropped off the shirts I know go with my suit, because now it leads to my first question!

I have in my immediate possession the shirt on my back, a blue and white checkered piece, and a yellow shirt at home. Will those be suitable to wear with the grey suit? If so that solves the bulk of my worry

Assuming no, I guess my only real option is to buy a couple that do, and iron them at home? I guess I'll have to iron the one I'm wearing anyways, so, well...I'll have to buy an iron and google how to do that(unless someone wants to give a tutorial in this topic)

OH, except what about those shirts that are advertised as you can wash them, dry them, then spread them out and they're sposed to not need ironing? That's actually the type I'm wearing right now, and I guess if I had to buy more I could buy a couple of those. Or learn to iron >_> but they may suck, I haven't tried it yet


I was planning to go to Men's Wearhouse and get their cool garment bag that rolls up, I think that would fit as carry on if I wanted to, but it rolls up snugly and could probably be checked and subsequently manhandled since I wanna bring a book on the plane and stuff and I'm not sure it'd fit. Is that an ok plan?

I could also get a more traditional garment bag if someone's used one and is like "ARGH THEY SUCK" or has better advice on garment bags.

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