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water bottles

ChlupululuuChlupululuu Registered User regular
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so I'm thinking of buying a new water bottle... I've had some Nalgene bottles for years, but they have gotten to the point that no matter how hard I work at washing them I can't get the funny taste to go away. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a Sigg bottle for several reasons, but I have a couple of reservations. First, I have read that aluminum bottles are bad for you. Sigg bottles have a synthetic lining which should get rid of most if not all of the aluminum bleeding into the water, but I am also a little worried about the liner bleeding into the water. I am sure that its still better than a plastic bottle, but does anybody know anything about this? Sigg says it doesn't bleed at all, but they aren't exactly an unbiased source. Second, I've read that they dent easily. What exactly does easily mean? If I just drop it am i going to have a huge dent, or do I accidentally need to drop it down a flight of stairs or something to do real damage? Anyone have experience with this? This is my main concern, as I am used to Nalgene bottles which are virtually indestructible.

tl;dr: thinking of buying a Sigg water bottle, worried about the aluminum or the lining getting into the water and causing problems. Also, read they dent easily, how easily?

Any help is appreciated.

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  • falsedeffalsedef Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Get a stainless steel sigg, or a HDPE naglene.

    I think the Siggs are lined with HDPE inside anyways.

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  • fuelishfuelish Registered User regular
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    Just buy a bicycle water bottle. They are made from LDPE the safest plastic(The whole dangerous plastic thing is pretty mcuh hype anyway) They are cheap, the plastic does not grow stuff, I notice no taste issues, the nipple style lid lowers the odds of backwash or spill when knocked over.

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