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Not receiving any emails from PA forums

KodackKodack Registered User
I'll try to be brief.

When using "notify me when a reply is posted" I never get the email, even when there is a reply.

I tried changing my email address in options. It sent me a confirmation email and locked my account until I clicked the link in the email. Well I never got the email.

Emailed the forumadmin to re-enable account and never heard back. But he got the email because I found my account re-enabled a few days later. Changed email back to what it was and again got locked out without any emails received from PA on either account.

I've confirmed that it's not a spamblocker or ISP problem and I suspect the server software is having trouble with email in general.


I see lineart!!!
Kodack on


  • denihilistdenihilist Ancient and Mighty Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited April 2006
    Maybe you've noticed that the forum isn't running at 100% at the moment. In order to curtail server load things have been disabled like the Search Function and email notifications.

    denihilist on
  • KodackKodack Registered User
    edited April 2006
    Thanks for the reply. That was what I was thinking but I hadn't seen anybody else with the problem.

    The prob for me is that I keep getting locked out of my account because I changed my email address and never got the confirmation email.

    I could post earlier, but it's taken me 15 minutes of retrying to log back in long enough to send this message.

    Kodack on

    I see lineart!!!
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