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The MacGuffin - Art dump thread

GurtPerkGurtPerk Registered User regular
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If anyone actually understands the title, they're now awesome in my book.

Alright, I've been around the forums for a while, but I really haven't put out much stuff. So this is my way of throwing out a bunch of stuff I've done recently.

Brief introduction: I go to a college in Washington state called DigiPen for art and animation. This first year we've stuck to traditional art and 2D animation. Later on, we'll be moving onto different digital media. Most the pictures you see are compilations of projects and life drawing sessions I've completed over this past semester. I'd also recommend openning these up in a new window, personally, if the size is bothersome over the forums.


Life drawing session done for 30 minutes, as you can see in the upper left corner. Done in sketchpad.


Portrait of the model done during the same session. I believe this was anywhere between 20 minutes - 30 minutes.


This was done as part of my most recent figure drawing final. Inspired by the Film Noir style. All done from direct observation. 8 x 10".


My first real attempt at the film noir style for another class earlier in the year. Done all in charcoal, 18 x 24". Photo ref used with my face/body.



Life drawing portrait. I believe 20-30 minutes on this one as well.


Longer full body pose of the same model, different session. 40 minutes together with 5 minute break inbetween.


Another part of my figure drawing final. Done in white and black primsacolor pencil on brown toned paper. All done from direct observation (albeit a little difficult to pose, lol.)


Feet! Yes, part of a midterm earlier in the year as well. Done in white prismacolor and charcoal. Direct observation.


Let's throw in some hands. Yes, another part of my midterm. I liked the general atmosphere it conveyed. All done from direct observation as well.


To shake things up a bit, here's some examples of what I've done besides projects on my own time. This was submitted as a comic for a Sam and Max contest on the site 4colorrebellion. I ended up winning the whole second season of Sam and Max for the PC because of it. :) Done on my tablet.


Another tablet drawing of mine from earlier on this year. Inspired by the villian clayface from the Batman series.

I'll be sure to update this further, but I think that's good for now. I'll add some more of my side stuff later. Comments and critiques are always welcome. Thanks guys.

GurtPerk on


  • MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Very nice, though the comic panel arrangement is somewhat confusing, I find the large verticle panel shoul've been the last.....though that could just be me.

    Mustang on
  • GurtPerkGurtPerk Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Thanks, Mustang.

    Yeah, that was my first real stab at comic making. I really enjoy drawing in that style so I think I'll keep practicing new things in my spare time around that. I do agree about the vertical panel though.

    GurtPerk on
  • GurtPerkGurtPerk Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Updating with a new painting I did for one of my final classes. 18 x 24" on canvas.


    Earthworm Jim! Yes, EWJ has been a favorite game character of mine so when the opportunity arose to do essentially fan art for a final, I jumped on the case. Based off of the Peter Puppy level in EWJ 2.

    GurtPerk on
  • SublimusSublimus Artist. nowhereRegistered User regular
    edited April 2008
    You should have shot some reference for this, because your anatomy is unmistakeably worse than in your referenced work. Remember, reference is not cheating or anything.

    Sublimus on
  • valerycevaleryce Registered User regular
    edited April 2008

    I lurk alot too but I'm not confident enough to post anything.

    Anywhoo, I like your stuff alot. As mentioned before, the anatomy is off on your final painting, but earthworm jim doesn't really have realistic anatomy... so I guess it doesn't bug me to much. There isn't much of a sense of depth though, the painting feels a bit flat. Some atmospheric perspective would really help it feel more believable especially considering how far away that body is supposed to be in the background. Also, did you do that in gouache? Getting the colors right with that stuff is really hard. I've been trying to get the hang of it too this semester :)

    Also, I absolutely adore that drawing of a hand for your midterm- the contour line one with the blinds. It's fantastic.

    valeryce on
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  • GurtPerkGurtPerk Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Sublimus: I actually did use some photo reference for the pose, but it didn't quite match the thumbs that I did so it definitely got tweaked around quite a bit. I'll keep that in mind later when doing longer projects.

    Valeryce: Really? Well, thank you. Painting is something completely foreign to me that I'm determined to get better over the summer with, especially digitally as well. These last 7 weeks have been the bulk of my practice and I'm still dealing with some color issues due to my color deficiency.

    Actually, it was all in acrylics. I agree with the atomspheric perspective now. I didn't want the blue to dominant the whole picture, but it would've been a wise choice just to make the mountains less black at that. Peter Puppy's skin was also supposed to be a lot more violet and red in color but mixing the colors on canvas compared to illustration board or a blank sheet of paper was way different. I'd say I learned the most just by working this large than any other painting project we've done so far so I'm happy with that.

    GurtPerk on
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