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Long time stalker, first time poster you know the deal...

Anyway, I need help with my year 12 HSC project and i thought you guys would be a good choice on artistic help haha..
SO. i dont have time to upload sketches but basically im trying to create a through the keyhole affect and cant seem to make a keyhole shape selection on my photo... any help or links to a tutorial about something like that?

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    hurry! before the mods come with their paddles!

    Questions thread

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    Dude, you clearly aren't a long time "stalker" (lurker?) on the AC, or you would have known to put this in the Questions thread.

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    I'm not quite too sure what you are asking, but I'm pretty sure you just take the circle selection tool and make a circle. After that, grab the polygonal lasso tool, holy shift so you dont lose the circle, then make the bottom of the keyhole.

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    1) what Mykanos said
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