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Hello everybody and welcome to the Megaman Megathread Let's Play. What is this? It's a fantabulous thread wherein I shall be playing many Megaman games and if anyone else wants to, they can join in as well. What shall I be doing my best to play?

Well first off there's this series.


Then there's this.


And then finally, there's this.


I'll be trying to play as many of the games in these series as I can but there's a ton of them. There's 9 old style megaman games (I can't do Megaman 8), 8 X games (I can only do 1-3), and 4 Zero games. So as I said earlier, anyone is free to participate and take a game. It will take me a while to finish each game so if there's one I haven't done, just claim it and then make a video. The only ones I'd really like to do myself are Megaman X1 and Zero 1. If you want to claim Megaman 2, go ahead. I won't stop you. However I highly recommend uploading your video somewhere where everyone can see it. If you're doing stage 6, please try uploading to google or dailymotion as well. Oh and also, don't wuss out. If you pick a game, finish it. Don't start Zero 2 if you can't finish it.

Also, Viewers will pick the next boss to defeat if possible. We're making this more interactive!

Anyway, let's get started!


Videos! These are currently active series. For easy navigating, I shall be arranging them by series.

MegaMari for some reason. Player: Shady3011's Roommate (H) with Shady harassing him!

Megaman Series.

Megaman's Soccer! Player: Valkun!

Intro. Behold the deep plot and how much sense it makes!

Round 1! Needleman! Guest star: Shady3011!

Pharoahman! No guest star this time.

Woodman! Guest star: ASimPerson!


Skullman. Guest star: Kupi!

Megaman DOS! Player: bloodattonment!

This is one of the best games ever made. Intro stage!

Sonicman. I'd type out the lyrics for the Sonic cartoon theme song but it would be degrading to the Sonic cartoon. Attempt 1! Sonic is dead like all of our hopes for a good 3D Sonic game.

Dynaman. He's like Dynabird, only not at all and you're an idiot for even saying that. Attempt 1! Attempt 2! Dynaman is dead.

Voltman. GigaVoltman-o-war.

Wily's Funhouse. You'll have so much fun you'll die! AHAHAHAHA! Hahahaha. Ha?

MM3 DOS! Player: bloodattonment!

Intro. These bosses look so familiar....

Sharkman. It's like Jabberjaw, only with worse art somehow.

Waveman. He's that annoying guy that starts the wave at sporting events.

Torchman. Urge for.... X7 joke.... rising....

Oilman. This time he wasn't changed for having blackface.

Bitman. Was this level painful? Only a... bit! HAHAHAHAHA kill me now. Part 1! Part 2!

Blademan. He also likes to skate some. Part 1! Part 2!

Wily's Fortress. Hey, it's not a funhouse this time! Good for him! Part 1! Part 2!

Megaman: The Wily Wars!

MM1 Levels! Player: Sixfortyfive!

MM2 Levels! Player: Sixfortyfive!

Megaman 3! Player: Gennenalyse Rueben!

Wily Tower!

Megaman 1! Player: Cantide!

Bombman. I really hate his weapon. It should explode on contact.

Gutsman. How exactly does guts equal super strength again?

Iceman. He's never doing this commentary style again.

Elecman. In my opinion, he has the meanest "post-gate" section.

Fireman. He's every kid's dream job.

Megaman 4! Player: Kupi!

Skullman. Marrow action contained within.

Brightman. Put on yer sunglasses folks.

Toadman. Anyone remember those Frog & Toad kids books?

Pharaohman. He walks like an Egyptian.

Dustman. You'd have to pack together a lot of dust to make dust your main weapon. And I mean a lot of dust.


Ringman and Drillman. It only took 2 more games but Drillman from the US art of Megaman 2 is finally defeated.

Cossack Start. Cossack looks really dumb on the stage select screen.

More Cossack. It sure would be nice if people labeled what levels their videos take them through. Hint hint.

The End. No more cwazy hijinks.

Megaman 7! Player: SimBen!

Megaman 7 intro. I'd like to see Megaman fight with a Mettool helmet.

Junkman. Don't look in his trunk. You'll find more than just junk.

Megaman & Bass! Player: Shady3011! Character: Megaman!

Intro stage. Shady is going to regret choosing Megaman so much.

Coldman. You know, all the ice robots are cold. They're made of metal and they're in a cold environment. This name is needlessly redundant.

Groundman. Don't talk back, he has a 2 week minimum.

Astroman. Rocket hiiiiiigh, through the skyyyyyyyy. Part 1! Part 2!

Pirateman. It took them this long to make a pirate robot. Someone needs to get their priorities straight.

Tenguman. Tengu's have long noses. Like Pinocchio. They're also very red. Like Pinocchio.... wait a second.

Burnerman. Smokey the Bear hates this guy.

Dynamoman. Don't confuse him with Dynaman. This one was probably thought up by a 6 year old with art skills, not a 22 year old with MS paint. Part 1! Part 2!

Magicman. Press up and down to get past the barrel. Part 1! Part 2!

King Stages 1 and 2! Kill me. Part 1! Part 2! Part 3! Part 4! Part 5! Part 6!

The End! It's still just as painful though. Part 1! Part 2! Part 3! Part 4! Part 5!

More King?! Why yes! This time as Bass! Stages 1 and 2!

CD Reading Rainbow!

Megaman X Series.

Megaman X5! Player: -SPI-!

A new beginning of a game where the translators said "Screw it" and just changed every single boss name to a Guns and Roses reference.

Duff McWhalen. The McWhalen really makes the name awesome. Part 1! Part 2!

Squid Adler. Battletoads. What is with aquatic creatures and speederbikes? Part 1! Part 2!

Dynamo. He's almost Dynamic.

Grizzly Slash. He's a godless killing machine.

Izzy Glow. Hyuck hyuck hyuck, these Guns and Roses jokes just stay funny don't they? I'm certainly not tired of them in the slightest!

Cutscenes. Enjoy some story.

Falcon Armor get. Insert F-Zero reference.

Axle the Red. Because just calling him Axle Rose is too easy.

Mattrex. Watch as a soul cries out in anguish. Part 1! Part 2! Part 3! Part 4!

The Skiver. He's basically Pegasus on 2 legs. Totally not recycled later on in Zero 4. Part 1! Part 2!

Dynamo 2: The Return of Dynamo!

Mattrex. REVENGE.

Dark Dizzy. Don't tell Capcom that we already had an Izzy.

Will the Shuttle be successful?! Tune in and find out!

Item Collection. Part 1! Part 2!

Virus levels! Spot the obvious cameos! Level 1! Level 2! Level 3! Level 4?

Boss Rush to California!

Megaman X6! Player: Mecha Tails 7218!

Intro. Audio is kind of low so turn it up.

Captain Yammark. CAPTAIN YAMMAAAAAAAAAAAAARK! God I hate Captain Caveman.

Boss Rush. X6 welcomes its Vimeo overlord.


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    Hello and welcome to our forums. Gabe and Tycho do not read the forums so you're better off emailing them. Enjoy your stay!

    Are you actually this retarded?

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    I think you need to get your sarcasm detector adjusted, Satan.

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    I assume this was to try and see if you could keep YouTube from raping the boards senseless.

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