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Battleknight: jousting for free, from the Ikariam/OGame bastards

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From the evil Germans that have sucked your life away with such free browser games at OGame and Ikariam comes their latest US version: BattleKnight


What is BattleKnight?
Basically a free browser-based RPG-lite PvP game. Some have called it Diablo without the action. The game has been available to Europe for a year and half, but the first US server (server 1) opened up last week.

There's three main phases to the game:
-PvE combat. You pick an area to combat mobs from the 'Mission/Quest' tab, then choose a short (10 min), medium (20 min) or long (30 min) mission. Combat is completely automated, and when the timer is up, you gain experience (EP), and the phat lewts (silver and rubies)
Baby Dragons
Teenagers with really bad acne

-PvP combat. Similar combat as above, but against your fellow players makes up the bulk of the game. Find an opponent from the matchmaker:
Or, just click the highscore list, find someone your level, or one level lower. Click their name, then click 'attack' in the box under their stats. The combat results come up instantly, but you have to wait 10 minutes to perform another mission/duel.

-Order combat. 'Orders' are guilds. Once your guild has reached a minimum of 20 members, you can take over a castle on the order vs. order map, and proceed to smack down the other orders for world dominance!

Sign up for free battles now:

Q: What is the PA Order?
A: I started the 'Arcadians', tag: PAX. Run a search for Arcadians under the 'Order' tag (upper left), and request a membership...the more we have, the bigger castle we can take over to launch our attacks.

Q: What should I do with my first amount of money?
A: Buy the best weapon you can from the merchant. Weapon damage will get you ahead faster vs both monsters and other knights. Typical first weapons are a Hunting Knife (90s) or a precious dagger.

Q: What do the number of skulls mean?
A: Difficulty of the 'PvE' mission. 1 is the easiest, 6 is the hardest.

Q: I've run out of Mission Points! How do I get more?
A: You have to wait, as you gain them over time:
Free Account: 120 Mission Points Max. 5 Per Hour.
Premium Account: Maximum 240 Mission Points Max. 10 per hour.

Q: How do I get gems?
A: There are 4 current ways to get gems:
1. Purchasing them.
2. Winning them on missions.
3. By winning a joust/horse tournament (the final)
4. By beating a system challenge.
Every 5th level comes a challenge (lvl 5, lvl 10... and so on); in all cases you will win a sum of money, and in some cases you can earn some gems, or anything else (like a horse for level 10)

Q: How do I gain those medals?
A: Check out

Q: What are some of the monsters I can fight later on?
A: Check out this growing monster compedium:

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    US Server 2 just started, but I'm always looking for more folks to join on Server 1!

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