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New and (un) exciting contact problem!

BlochWaveBlochWave Registered User regular
edited April 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I've had contacts for 10 years or so, and this is the first batch that's been bugging me like this. Every time I blink, I guess it moves around too much, so when I open my eye it's blurry for a second and feels all wet and weird while it relocates, then it's fine(so I'm ok if I don't blink, but...well, yah). I've tried taking it out and cleaning it(it's clean, and right side out) but that doesn't help. It kinda comes and goes, like the day before yesterday was bugging me, yesterday was fine, and today, especially tonight, is bugging me!

I actually tossed my previous left contact thinking it was defective, and the new one worked good for a few days but then started. I'd guess it was poorly fitted(which is what internet searching yields)but my other eye is fine, I've never had this problem before, and it's not consistent)am I doing something stupid and not realizing it, or should I go back and BAWW to my optometrist?

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  • falsedeffalsedef Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Just sounds like a bad fit. Unless you're wearing them backwards, which I doubt, since that's a newbie mistake.

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  • SarcastroSarcastro Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Are these dailys or hard contacts?

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  • RubickRubick Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    It sounds like it's not fitting correctly. It could only affect one eye and not the other, especially if you have a different perscription in each eye. My optometrist made me try on two different pairs and examined my eyes in each pair to find the one that fit better. I'd call the doc up and tell them what's going on.

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  • McVikingMcViking Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Are your eyes dry, perchance? (I.e., do eye drops make the problem go away temporarily?) Allergy season is starting in most of the U.S., and that could be a factor. Used to drive me crazy until I had (frickin') lasers shot into my eyes. I would pretty much switch to glasses for the month of May...

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  • AtomBombAtomBomb Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    If they are a new brand (or type, whatever) I would go back and ask for something else. I just got some new contacts, and for the first time I went to an optometrist rather than some chain store. The doc gave me samples of 4 different kinds to try, and there really was a difference in the fit. My wife went as well, and she ended up really liking some that I had a ton of trouble with. Everyone is different, and there's no "best" lens.

    Get different contacts.

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  • I Win SwordfightsI Win Swordfights all the traits of greatness starlight at my feetRegistered User regular
    edited April 2008
    I agree with the guy who said "dry".

    But, it might not be your eye, it might be the contact.

    This sounds insanely similar to when I would swim in my grandma's pool with my contacts on.

    I'm not saying it's chlorine, but, this same thing happened to me a lot, and, when I took them out, my eye hurt like a beeotch.

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  • BlochWaveBlochWave Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    These are contacts you sleep in(they're monthly day and nights)The eye drops actually seem to make it worse(it feels like it makes the contacts move more easily)so I think it's just the fit. About an hour after making this topic it went away, was gone this morning, and is back again, so I guess it does have something to do with the condition of my eye throughout the day, but I dunno.

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