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Moped Advice

LondonBridgeLondonBridge __BANNED USERS
edited April 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
In June my office is moving just minutes from my house, about 2.3 miles. This is awesome as gas is so fucking expensive! Since I'll be working so close to home I was looking at buying a moped to commute back and forth. Can't get a regular bike as the uphill ride is steep and there is no showers at my office.

What should I look for in a moped? What accessories should I get? Any brands or models that are better than others?

LondonBridge on


  • MalkorMalkor Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Just remember that even though it's a moped you still need a helmet. I hear people talking about Vespas all the time. I've never actually seen a dealership though.

    Malkor on
  • flatlinegraphicsflatlinegraphics Registered User
    edited April 2008
    under 50cc you don;t need a licence (atleast in my state. check your local laws). if you are not hitting any highways, 50cc should be ok. probably top out at about 20-30mph.

    up in size from there, you will still need a motorcycle licence. vespa/piaggo are fairly popular, but new around 3k. also, be aware than any vintage vespas can be money pits if you don;t know what your are doing. vespas are pretty much the "classic" scooter.

    most major motorcycle manufacturers also make scooters.

    accesories? a helmet!

    flatlinegraphics on
  • JakeSJakeS Registered User
    edited April 2008
    You might want to check out and post in their forums, that's if you want an actual Moped and not a scooter. If you do want a moped I'd highly reccomend a Puch as a first one, parts are easy to find and you can throw a kit on it and re-gear so you can handle those hills. If you're looking for something new check out a Tomos moped.

    JakeS on
  • fuelishfuelish Registered User
    edited April 2008
    Just one thing besides the helmet:

    Throw a kit on that bitch

    fuelish on
    Another day in the bike shop Pretty much what it sounds like. The secret lifestyle, laid open.
  • VeritasVRVeritasVR Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    I'd get a scooter. They're a big step up from a moped and a small step below a motorcycle, but you can be much more versatile with a scooter in case you need to go more than 2.3 miles. Definitely buy local. Do not the cheapest one from an online store that sells shitty Chinese off-brands. Try for a 150cc (will require a licence, helmet, everything like a motorcycle.) They can even go on some highways if necessary, but local roads will net you about 75 MPG.

    I've had one for almost a year and it's been fantastic. Almost 3000 miles total, and I think I've spent less than $100 for gas. They're easy to maintain and repair, but BUY LOCAL so parts and warranties are made available to you. Usually 1.5-2k is decent. If you don't prefer the retro style like me, there are sleek modern styles out there. Used ones are great but tough to find and may not be supported by the nearest repair place.

    VeritasVR on
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  • LondonBridgeLondonBridge __BANNED USERS
    edited April 2008
    Thanks Veritas! There is a local motorcycle shop and I'll check them out as soon as my office moves. I'm not looking for anything fancy. As for a helmet, duh! :)

    LondonBridge on
  • MunacraMunacra Registered User
    edited April 2008
    Also, go to MSF (motorcycle school) if you decide on a scooter. Insurance break, waives the riding part of your motorcycle test ad the DMV and you'll learn some important skills to maneuver in traffic.

    Munacra on
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