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Taking FCBD to a whole new level! THEFT!!

MAD!MAD! Registered User regular
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So yeah...
As some of you guys know I have a comic shop in Bermuda. The funny thing is we usually get our shipments about a week after everyone in the USA due to shipping time, clearing customs etc. And due to a delay on the docks I was actually about 2 weeks behind. So I was figuring that I would not have my Free Comic Book day issues for May the 1st. THEN !I get a call from my shipper and the boxes had cleared customs early! So things were falling into place! But wouldn't you know it started raining as I was taking in the boxes. So I took in what I could leaving 2 boxes in the car. I put out the few FCBD books that I had and gave out some other older stock, due to the bad weather it wasn't many people coming by anyway and I had already told everyone MY FCBD would be the following week.
So, end of the day I close shop and walk to the car to bring in the rest of the books so that I can have issues on the shelves for the following week.

So I open the door and see the inside of my car is a mess! glove compartment has be ransacked, change stolen etc. windows were not broken, they had broken the lock to gain entrance . Ah well... could have been worse I think. Then I pop the trunk and guess what. Thats right they stole TWO 50lbs BOXES OF COMICS!!!! Yup most of my weekly shipment. Thank goodness I had taken out a few of the boxes earlier in the day. BUT allot of the FCBD stuff .. All gone.

And oh yeah some of the order that was taken was a whole lot of copies of "Dangers Dozen: Interlude" I called Thad Branco (my partner in A First Salvo and writor/creator of Dangers Dozen) and told he just burst out laughing. It was like "Yeah Thad, all the copies of Interlude that you were waiting for, yep all stolen." so now we have to wait AGAIN to see OUR book! that's already on the stands in the States. LOL!

So my night was spent filing a police report. Fun Fun!

But as I'm the only comic shop in Bermuda I hope the thieves are stupid enough to bring them by and try and sell them to me as books they "found".
As Batman says, "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot" (but I'm not holding my breath though...)

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    That sucks dude. I can only hope that some crazed vigilante apprehends the perpetrators and rescues your merchandise from their evil hands.

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