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Cooling Issues

ZzuluZzulu Registered User regular
Ok, so I just bought a new chassi. This was a monster chassi, with 3 built in 120mm fans and a massive 200mm fan on top. In addition to these 4 fans, I added another 92mm fan and yet another 120mm fan. Also, I've removed the stock cooler on my 8800GT and replaced it with a custom thermaltek cooler

Now, before all this, in my old case, where I only had one fan, I got idle temperatures of 65 degrees celcius. Now, with an additional 5 monster fans and an expensive custom cooler, I just went down 5 degrees. 5 degrees! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

My 8800GT still gets grilling hot when I play games, easily reaching temperatures of 80+ degrees celcius, despite all my airflow.

I've spent lots of money trying to get my computer chilled, but everything seems to have failed. Please, can someone help me figure out what I did wrong here?

Zzulu on


  • FaceballMcDougalFaceballMcDougal Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    My guess is that you maybe need to examine which direction the fans are going? Intake cold air, blow out hot air obviously but a lot of people skip the intake fan. You can use some ghetto ducting (I use cardboard) if you don't look at the inside of the case all the time.

    That temp does not seem high for a GPU from what I remember... when I was into this stuff

    Ambient temps mean a lot... and access to fresh air

    For example a 3x3 inch hole in the back of a cabinet keeps my Home Server from getting too hot and ramping up the fans

    FaceballMcDougal on
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  • ZzuluZzulu Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    I flipped the cooler over to an alternate position and removed some thermal paste and the temperature dropped 15 degrees. While 15 is much, I kind of expected more :D

    I mean, the computer has so many fans and airflow now that it's making my room cold to sit in :lol:

    Zzulu on
  • MephistophelesMephistopheles Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    that is a ridiculous amount of fans. With that much airflow (seriously, that's like 4 computers worth), dust is going to be a huge problem. You can try putting pieces of pantyhose in front of the fans to act as dust filters. Also, you want to always have positive pressure inside the case (ie, more air going in than going out). If you have negative pressure, air is going to leak in from all the little crannies, and dust will be even worse.

    Typically, you want your blowhole (if you have one, and I'm guessing you do as I can't think of where else to put all those fans) to be a primary exhaust fan.

    Mephistopheles on
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  • ZzuluZzulu Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    Well the fans came installed with the case (with filters), so I assume they are in proper positions. The only fans I added were those to the GPU, so they shouldn't affect the general airflow too much

    Zzulu on
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