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How can I network at a gaming conference?

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I'm a recent graduate from a university with English and American Ethnic Studies majors. I'm a gamer (although not hardcore), and I've always wanted to work for a gaming companybecause I can't think of many other places where people are passionate about what they work for. As you might be able to guess, without any artistic or programming skills, the possibility of getting a job in the gaming industry is limited to something like community related or human resources, or if lucky, production. I wouldn't mind getting into any of those, because they sound really interesting to me.

Here is the real question for this thread. I got this interpreting job for this company coming from overseas, and as a part of press, I am going to go to the ION Conference. I'm also invited to networking events (party.. er.. breakfast? reception?), and if the company I'll be working for the few days doesn't need me, I'd like to use that time for myself. But.. how do I do it? I'm quite shy, although I can overcome a lot of it if I need to. I don't really know what I would/could do at a place/event like that, especially because I'm not already in the industry. I don't want to go there alone and be a wallflower or not know what the heck is going on. Frankly I'm a bit scared. -_- How could I present myself and make a good use of this golden opportunity when I don't have a solid explanation of what I can do, like "I'm a character designer"?

(I plan to be carrying my resume always, but other thanI'm at a loss.)

Please help, oh wise and generous PA H/A!

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