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Mouse and Keyboard freezing in WC3

KealohaKealoha Registered User regular
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Hey. I just started playing wc3 again. I'd played it like last year on this same computer with no problem. However, since then I've gotten a new harddrive and put Pro on it instead of Home. I just reinstalled WC3 last night.

My mouse and keyboard will freeze while playing it. I have no problem with either of them outside of the game. And the game/video does not freeze. Plus, I'm on a laptop, and when the mouse freezes my touchpad doesn't work either, so it's like the entire input is fucked. I've also got my drivers updated all of the way so that can't be the problem. Or, at least, shouldn't be.

Just as an example: I will be scrolling from side to side in game, and the mouse will freeze while doing so. And it just scrolls and scrolls. And while typing sometimes it will lag really badly. Like, I type and it takes a second or two for the letter to show up.

Anyone have any ideas? You can imagine how useless you become when in the thick of a battle your mouse freezes.

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