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Coax/Optical sound from PC?

YallYall Registered User regular
I'm currently researching options for a PC upgrade/replacement. I'm considering adding the outcome of this to my home theater which includes a native 720p rear projection unit as well as an Onkyo 5.1 receiver.

The projector is basically a no-brainer. I just need to get a VGA cable that is about 25'.

The Onkyo is a bit more complex. I think I have 2 optical inputs and 1 coaxial for the digital in's. In my current rig I installed a sound card with coax output to run into the receiver. I'd like to do something similar on my new rig, but aren't most mobo's these days getting away from coax/optical outputs? If I go with a mobo with the standard PC speaker outs, what alternatives do I have aside from getting a sound card with coax/optical outs?


HMMM - Looks like new mobo's are actually coming with optical outs now.

Please close this thread.


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