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I'm stuck

KurtKurt Registered User regular
edited May 2008 in Penny Arcade Games
Can you guys help me? I'm stuck...
Anne keeps telling me to go to Hobo Ally even though I already killed all of the hobos and trash cans that I could get too.

Although, it never occurred to me (during said killing and before hand) that I should of asked some one from the Hobo Ally about a place to live (I remember seeing the option to ask about it but I never clicked on it). So after I'm done killing the hobos and trash cans I go to see what else I should be doing and finding a house was #1, needles to say after I went back to all of the talkable people in the Hobo Ally none of them would give me the option to talk about finding a new home.

Am I screwed? Do I have to start a new game? Is there anything I can do? I walked around all of the areas I can access and I can't seem to find anything.

Please help :|

Kurt on


  • drachersdrachers Registered User new member
    edited May 2008
    Generally, clicking on Gabe or Tycho will give you an overview of what you're up to, either that or look on the agency screen for the outstanding missions. Alternatively, clicking on passersby usually gives you additional clues. You don't have to do the missions in perfect order, in fact I don't even know if it's possible to do so.

    drachers on
  • devoirdevoir Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    Have you helped everyone?
    You're meant to go into the Shithole after you've helped pretty much everyone in the area.

    devoir on
  • PhoenixragePhoenixrage Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    You actually never need to ask him about a place to live. I've done the story without asking anyone about a place to live (except for the Slum Lord) and haven't had a problem triggering events. From what you're vaguely describing this is the series of events you should have completed:

    -Cleared your neighborhood
    -Visited Anne, ordered to Hobo Alley
    -Retrieved Lube
    -Visited Anne, ordered Home
    -Retrieved Screw
    -Visited Anne, ordered to Hobo Alley or Pelican Bay
    -Retrieved Giant Gear (Pelican Bay w/reward token item from completed trash can mission) and Wind Up Key (behind the 4 hobos on the panel to the left of the Shithole)
    -Visited Anne

    At this point she should tell you something regarding the Screw, at this point you should now have a new npc trigger waiting for you in Hobo Alley.

    Phoenixrage on
  • KurtKurt Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    Thanks guys.

    Kurt on
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