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Got me some HDD problems

MovitzMovitz Registered User regular
Hi y'all.

My computer is acting a bit strangely on two separate issues. I've been trying to get help from technicalsupportforums as they've been helpful before. This time however I only get nonsensical statements from one of the mods and he also snatched my posts and moved/merged them from the HDD subforum to the RAM-forum.

Therefore, I turn to you, good fellows of the PA forums. Help me Penny-Arcade, you're my only hope!

The problem is described in this post
Hi guys.

I have two problems. I don't think they are connected though so I posted the first one here because I believed it to be due to faulty RAM. Basically, I get CRC-errors if I copy files around on my HDD but after 20 h of stable ORTHOS I don't think I can blame the RAM anymore.

The second problem is that I cannot move files between my D: and C:. It copies the file then locks both the new and the old one down and the only way to remove the old one is to reboot and delete. I can however copy and then delete manually. This problem does not exist while in safe mode, there I can move stuff to my heart's content.

The C and D are both partitions on the same HDD. I also have another one (E:) and I recently noticed that when I unplug it....I can move stuff between C and D again without auto-locking of the files!

The topmost problem (CRC errors) is most important to solve, it's driving me crazy and I might lose files to it. The second one is more of a minor problem but annoying non the less.

If anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate any input whatsoever. I'm going crazy over here.

Specs:Asus p5k/C2D E6750/2xCorsair TWIN2X 6400C4 DDR2/Gainward GeForce 8800GT/Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500Gb, SB 7200.8 200Gb/Antec TruePower Trio 650W

And the original thread can be found here.

If anyone here at the Technology Tavern had similiar experiences or just happens to know something about...well....anything related, please tell me. I'm getting really frustrated here.

Movitz on
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