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podcast rss for psp fix

d52477001d52477001 Registered User new member
Hey everyone,

I just bought a psp, and to my disappointment the rss feature gives some problems with the PA podcast rss. It picks up everything fine up until The Broodax Imperiate (05/04/2007). I did some digging, and the reason that it no longer works from that point on is because of a change in the format of the pubDate.
Before it broke, the date was formatted as follows:
Fri, 04 May 2007 11:01:00 PST
All new podcasts after The Broodax Imperiate have the pubDate formatted like this:
09 May 2007 11:01:00 PST

Not a big difference, but it seems to break it for the psp. Should be a simple fix though, so hopefully whoever is in charge of the PA podcast rss feed can fix it now (should I crosspost the fix to the bugs section of the forum? Not sure if whoever is in charge of rss reads this section).

In the meantime, I have quickly created a script that parses the rss feed and outputs a psp compatible rss feed. The link to this script is:
So just go there on your psp, and it will prompt you to save the feed, and then you can access all podcasts from the rss menu.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone, and if there are any problems, please let me know.

(Long time PA reader, first time forum poster)

d52477001 on


  • ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
    edited May 2008
    Umm... wrong forum. I think this might work better in Tube's Circus, so I'll move it there...

    ElJeffe on
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  • KrunkMcGrunkKrunkMcGrunk Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    I see neither Debate nor Discourse in this thread.

    KrunkMcGrunk on
  • d52477001d52477001 Registered User new member
    edited May 2008
    My mistake, I misinterpreted the description of the forum ("any topic welcome"). My apologies the inconvenience.


    d52477001 on
  • ÄlphämönkëyÄlphämönkëy Registered User regular
    edited May 2008
    Hmmm. That's a problem with feedburner.

    I'll ping them to see what they say.

    Älphämönkëy on
  • RamiusRamius Joined: July 19, 2000 Administrator, ClubPA admin
    edited May 2008
    It actually validates, which it should since RFC822 specifies an optional [day "," ] at the beginning of the date format. So I'm thinking it is actually a bug in the PSP RSS parser. But it would be nice to know why FeedBurner is not internally consistent in the date format on a single feed.

    Ramius on
  • d52477001d52477001 Registered User new member
    edited May 2008
    Yes, the problem is definitely on the psp side, there is technically nothing wrong with the rss feed (though inconsistencies are never nice).
    Sony has provided document specifications for rss feeds for the psp here:
    They don't mention any restriction to the pubDate format, so definitely a bug in the psp's rss parser.

    d52477001 on
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