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From the innovative team at AusSoft comes the next generation of text based online game.
Genleo, now in its third development, gives a fresh gaming experience to the player. Set in the Lands of Erathia, you choose one of
the seven ancient races, all battling to preserve the order that has emerged from the chaos of countless battles.

Join a clan if you wish and draw from the safety of having brethren to protect you. Choose a guild to hone your skills as a fisherman,
a farmer, an enchanter or a fighter. With over 50 new quests added and thousands of fellow Erathians fighting at your side. Can you hold
back the unrelenting forces of death and chaos and preserve the mysterious lands of Erathia?

Train yourself well at the Ancient Stone and The Battle Arena, or hone your merchant skills in the markets of Carvahall or Shangri-la.
Perhaps you crave the power that comes from the potions you conjure as an enchanter or the honour you get from offering your services
as a protector to the people? What ever you choose, the lands of Erathia, and Genleo await!

Game Type: browser based

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