I hate Vista and you should to

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I apologise if theres a general computers thread somewhere.

"Windows has found that this virus is potentially harmful.

To help protect your computer, windows has blocked this file."

Why thank you friendly windows.

It then prompts me to change my windows mail settings if i want this changed. Im trying to open a folder i got from a friend containing an application that is in no way nefarious. I need it for school, of the digital media variety. This is pretty annoying. Ive heard of it happening, but is there a way to bypass it?

Ive disabled all my firewalls in frustration and no effect, not that I expected it to have any.

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    Turn off windows anti virus...I am just guessing I don't even own Vista but that seems like the obvious answer.

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    Sorry i shouldnt have posted this so hastily. Inside a zip its impossible to open, the exe file itself is ok by Vista tho.

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    Maybe this isn't the help or advice you're looking for, but if vista's stuck in your craw, there's alternatives. Jus' sayin

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    i'm using Vista now and have had no complaints.

    first off, explain slowly what's going on. it sounds like you're trying to open an attachment in an e-mail, but it's not clear from your OP exactly what's going on. for all we know you downloaded some random .com file and can't understand why that's not dangerous...

    what e-mail client are you using? what exact type of attachment are you trying to open? are you sure it's an uninfected file?

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    Right click My Computer, select Properties, select Security Center, under Malware Protection tell it you have an antivirus program that you'll monitor yourself.

    Or get Norton and play it safe. I find it's well worth what they charge.

    Edit: Also, your firewalls have nothing to do with this. That's shit getting in. You have shit and now you're just trying to open/extract it.

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