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spybot problems [nm, mysteriously solved]

ihmmyihmmy Registered User regular
edited May 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
sooo a couple days ago when running spybot S&D, it said it had a file error and I should check the log thing to see what's up. Couldn't find the file they named, so I figured I'd update. It had an error updating. Ok, time to uninstall reinstall since that tends to fix technical errors in programs for me. So I download the new file, uninstall old spybot, now it can't even update to finish installing all of the way. Tell it to install and not update automatically, it still can't be updated manually though..

anybody know anything about making it work? I'm gonna go see if they have much in the way of tech help on teh sit shortly, but thought you smartypants might know something :D

uhhhhh nevermind, after like my third reboot it randomly started working again

ihmmy on
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