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I know quite a few people have been looking for the music from this game. I've just ripped as much as I can from the 360 version, and I was wondering if:

a) I could get permission to give it to anyone that wants it, and
b) if so, is there anyone would be interested in a torrent?

EDIT: Tracks I've ripped (contains plot spoilers):
--Playable Records--
01 - The Beginning Of The End
02 - La Marches Des Hobos
03 - The Terrible Weight Of Destiny
04 - Final Boss (MC Frontalot)
05 - The Unfathomable Transmissions

06 - Intro - Welcome To New Arcadia (contains 'Four Gods wait...' verse)
07 - A Home In Disarray
08 - His Goddamn Coiffure
09 - Rat Disease
10 - I Wonder If They Hang Out
11 - The Previous Occupant
12 - There Ain't No Robut Man
13 - Death Of A Slum Lord
14 - The Blank Tome
15 - A Destroyed Antique
16 - A Silent Soul
17 - The Silent One
18 - Blood Lately Spilled (contains 'Now three Gods wait...' verse)

19 - Title Screen

Thinking of grabbing the tunes for Flying Pricks, Ball and Holes, and Vandalism, too, if they're not all the same.

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