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I was just wondering if I should get my hand checked out, here is what happened. About four months ago I was trying to close a panel on a jet (work on jets) and I slammed my hand up against it but my hand hit a screw about and inch below the base of my ring finger (actually I am not sure if that is where it hit, but that is the problem now). It hurt for a few days, maybe a week by it wasn't really bad. That was three months ago and now there is what feels like a little ball there, its pretty hard and doesn't move at all and it hurts when I put pressure on it so pretty much whenever I push something with that part of my hand.

It really doesn't hurt bad or anything, but it isn't normal and I was wondering if I should get it checked out. I should add though, it is very difficult and inconvenient for me to get to a hospital. I work nights so if I do go that will take hours out of my sleep, and that is forgetting all the trouble of making an appointment (its tough in the military), oh and all the crap I will get from coworkers for going to the hospital, most people ignore medical problems unless its bad, and even then most ignore it.

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  • Penguin_OtakuPenguin_Otaku Registered User regular
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    In the words of Lee Corso, "If you're hurt. You're hurt."

    If it doesn't hurt then, well.. I understand you're probably worried about it. So what if the guys give you flak for it. Better safe than sorry.

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  • buzzard0627buzzard0627 Registered User regular
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    Your hands are your livelihood - if you're concerned, go get it checked out. That being said, I fell on my pinky (don't ask). It took about 8 months before I could move it properly again. After many doctors and more money that I would ever care to spend on a pinky, they were unable to do anything and it just required time. I still have a lump at the joint that I am told is scar tissue (underneath the skin).

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