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Hello, this is the first time I've made a post like this so please bear with me.

Genesis was the first LP MUD, though it looks and plays nothing like it first did having undergone quite a lot of changes over the years. Like all MUD's, it is text based. You play by reading descriptions and typing actions to move, eat, attack things, or just sit around and fart.

Genesis encourages roleplaying, but it is not required. Player killing is also allowed, with some restrictions*.

There are no numbers given for things like stats, damage dealt, skill levels or the like. Everything is given a description instead. IMO, this makes the game more immersive. Though for skills, it's easy to figure out the number for the skill, each skill has 10 levels, and each level of skill has 10 ranks.

Experience is divided up into three categories: combat, quest, and general. Combat experience is obviously gained by killing things, it's the easiest to acquire but suffers from diminishing returns as the more combat experience you gain the higher your brutality level gets. The higher your brute, the less experience you get from each kill. To counter this you have quest experience. Quest experience is gained through quests, quests can only be done once for each quest. Quest experience is averaged with your combat experience to determine brute, so the more quests you do, the lower your brute will be and thus you can gain combat experience more efficiently. Also you can never lose quest experience, unlike combat or general exoerience. Death and leaving some guilds will cost a percentage of your experience, but your quest experience is never touched. The last type of experience is general experience. Stealing things (if you have the ability to), finding herbs, and other general, non-combat activities that require some kind of skill check will often reward general experience. General experience is slower to gain than combat experience, but it doesn't raise brutality. Really I wouldn't suggest it as a way to advance, it just helps offset the time it costs some guilds to prepare (mostly casters who may have to spend long periods of time searching for herbs).

Guilds. I keep going on about them but I haven't really said anything about them. There are four types of guilds in Genesis: racial, occupational, layman, and craft.

Racial guilds are mostly just for colour. They don't grant any significant abilities or training, they just give titles and emotes for the most part (some do give training beyond what the adventurer's guild will train).

Occupational guilds are where you will get you main skills and abilities from. They are a kind of combination of class and clan or guild from mainstream MMO's. Most are player run and may or may not have requirements to join (usually an application process, in addition to any alignment and racial restrictions).

Layman guilds are similiar to occupational guilds but not nearly as powerful. Generally someone joins one either to supplement their occupational guild, or to gain skills not offered by their occupational guild. Most layman guilds can be joined as easily as finding them. Layman guilds do not normally have any kind of player council ruling over them either like an occupational guild does.

Craft guilds are a newer type of guild on Genesis. They focus on craft skills like blacksmithing and general skills like herbalism. There's not too many options for craft guilds at present.

You are free to join any combination of the above guilds (or none of them, though playing without an occupational guild past the newbie ranks is ill advised), however you can only join one of each type of guild. Also each guild will tax your earned experience (except quest experience) by a certain percentage. The amount depends on how much the guild offers in terms of skills and abilities, a powerful guild will take more than a more basic one.

That's the basics, there is more to read on the Genesis Webpage

I strongly reccomend a MUD client if you do not have one, pretty much any one will do if your comfortable with it (Genesis doesn't do anything funky with ANSI or the like). If you do not have one, the Genesis website has links to some popular ones (I use cMud from www.zuggsoft.com).

To connect, just point your client or telnet app to: genesis.tekno.chalmers.se Port: 3011

Communication is somewhat limited. You can use the post office to mail anyone in the game, they will get your message (and a notice) instantly, but have to be at a post office to read it. There are also messengers which can be purchased that will deliver a message to someone anywhere in the world, but they take time to deliver the message (a couple of minutes at most, it's actually pretty fast). Newbies can talk to newbie helpers over a tell line, but once you get bigger you lose this ability. And lastly, some guilds offer their members the ability to communicate remotely (usually only with their own guild members, but some guilds have no limitations).

The game world itself is huge. In addition to faithful recreations of lands from Tolkien and Dragonlance, there are a number of very well done unique areas as well. Last I heard the room count was well into the 10's of thousands, and the bulk of these rooms are well described.

So please drop in and give it a go. If you can get into the game despite there being no graphics, I think you will find it very rewarding. If you do stop in, be sure and mail me, I will find you and see what I can do to help you out (but please read the rules first, I cannot walk you through quests).

Roster (just gimme your forum name, game name, guilds you join, mortal level and race and I will add you):

Yoshua- Remo, Shadow Union, Necromancer, titan, elf

* Player killing is mostly allowed. Your just not allowed to be a dick about it. Repeatidly hunting down and killing the same person over and over in a short time span, with little to no reason is seen as harrassment and will be punished. As will slaughtering newbies for no good reason (Now if they insist on being rude to you through emotes and language, you can kill'em). Mass player killing is frowned upon, you will have to explain yourself in the least if your caught doing it, and they don't buy the "I'm roleplaying a psychopath" defense. That said, things have gotten way too cuddly since my glory days (felt by some old timers as well as by the new Keeper), so if your looking to raise some hell, you're more than welcome. Just don't be an ass about it.

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