Weird Questions - Whats the stangest question yo've ever been asked?

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I have posted this on a couple of other forums too but here goes:

I have a comic shop in Bermuda and as the many tourists pass by my door they often poke their head in and ask me questions, usually its directions to the bus terminal or is there a bathroom close by and so forth. But every once and awhile I will get the oddest inquiries.

This morning I had a fellow walk in and ask:
"So where around here can I buy a barometer? A inexpensive one?"

Shortly afterwards I had a guy come in and say "Where can I buy a napkin for my head because, sweat"
And yes that is exactly how I was asked.

So what are some of the downright strange questions you have been asked?

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    So, you want to know what kind of weird comic-related questions we've been asked? Or the weirdest question while being physically in a comic book store? Or like, the weirdest question while holding and discussing comic books?

    Ummm. People often ask me where my Chinese restaurant is located. Because I'm Chinese and thus own a restaurant. Haha, racism.

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    This is probably better off in another one of the subforums around here, since it's only tangentially related to comics, I guess.

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