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PC connecting through Apple Server problem

EriosErios Registered User regular
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Hey H/A, my friend just got back from the UK to see his parents had installed a new server.

Here is a copy of an e-mail he sent me:

Here is the e-mail I want you to copy to the PA forums

Well as best as I understand the problem:
My family recently switched to an apple server which is fine for them since they all use macs. However, I use a PC laptop and this has created the slight problem of me being unable to connect to the internet. I believe the problem is the authentication process; my dad has put pretty heavy security on the server. Any ideas?

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    vonPoonBurGervonPoonBurGer Registered User regular
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    There's not nearly enough detail there with which to troubleshoot. How is he connecting, wireless or wired? When he says they have an "apple server", what does he mean specifically? I kind of doubt that his folks dropped $3000 minimum on an XServe just to do internet sharing. If they're using an AirPort wireless router (which is the most likely scenario, to my mind), the fact that it's from Apple has zero relevance. Apple networking gear has been PC-compatible for years. If I had to guess, I'd wager he's trying to connect wirelessly, and either he's not using the right wireless security settings, in which case he needs to get the correct settings & password from his Dad, or his Dad has MAC filtering enabled on the router (that's MAC as in Media Access Control, not Mac as in Apple Mac), in which case his Dad would need to add the MAC address of the laptop's wireless adapter to the router's MAC whitelist. Without more info, though, this is all pure speculation on my part.

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