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TV Purchase

KalkinoKalkino Buttons Londres Registered User regular

I'm looking for some recommendations on as to a new TV for some friends and I'd like to hear if anyone has any particular recent brands/models they recommend.

Price range - £500 / $1000USD
Size - 32in or above
Technology - Doesn't matter if Plasma or LCD. Internal digital TV tuner would be needed also
Primary use - DVD/TV - Blu Ray or HiDef cable tv might be purchased/subscribed to at a latter point but not immediately. No gaming likely at this stage but is a small possibility*
Country - UK - this isn't super important as I'll check myself if your recommendations are available here and at what price, although I guess having a SCART socket could be useful.

Thanks in advance

*Friend used to have 13 consoles + hundreds of games prior to current generation, but has gone off gaming since career picked up.

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