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So I thought I might try reading some of civil war now that it's all done, and I went to the bookstore and browsed what they had. There are like a gagillion GN's for Civil War, each for a particular character/team, and then Front Line, and the some other stuff.

What the hell am I supposed to read? Is there a core title and the rest is just cross-overs? Is there something worth reading if I don't want to spend $300.00 on every GN?

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    yeah, the main single trade is just called "CIVIL WAR". that's all it will say on the spine, and it's got the main mini-series and, arguably you could just read that and get the story. all the other books are just what that character or group of characters did during the war. some are more interesting than others, and some are closer to the main action (spider-man and iron man) than others.

    edit- that said, this is really a question for the questions thread, SO

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