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The ability to only search the first post in a thread rather than entire threads would be handy.

*Makes it easier to find a specific topic. For example, the word "space travel" might come up at some point in every thread, but limiting it to the OP keeps it down to threads specifically about space travel.

* Less load on the server. Searching ~50k posts to find what you're looking for instead of ~5 million would lower load, and make it feasible to lower the search delay for that type of search (for refining search terms).

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    WillethWilleth Registered User regular
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    If you go to Advanced search, you can search thread titles only. It's not exactly what you want but it'll give the desired result most of the time.

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    AegisAegis Fear My Dance Overshot Toronto, Landed in OttawaRegistered User regular
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    And if you have your search settings set to posts rather than threads, you'll also get a snippet of the OP.

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    AroducAroduc regular
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    Hell, if you have it set to threads, you can just mouseover the thread title to get a snippet.

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