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Zombie Zodiac - what sign are you?

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    Tycho wrote:
    I have nothing to add to today's strip, really. I feel like it communicates all the necessary information.

    Tycho wrote:
    Some people would like to know what I think of Unreal Tournament 2003 aside from its fabulous security features, which I promise I won't discuss at length. I had it in my mind to be fancy about things and simply never discuss the game here, but that was a ridiculous fantasy. I play it every day until past midnight. Playwise, it stands betwixt Quake III and its forebear Unreal Tournament, lending speed to the former and weight to the latter. There is even a spooky level - DM-Inferno - that appears to be a sort of homage to classic Quake iconography.

    It's awesome. I'm not a DM guy at all, really, but UT2K3 brings it out of me. Fascinating, spacious levels - coupled with unique elements like weapons that join together - round out straight run-and-gun stuff that is not typically my bag. Bombing Run is as delicious as the demo had us believe, and I cheer every map when it loads up because they're all great. I have heard complaints about Double Domination as a gametype, but I don't know if they're just complaining because it's different, or what. Instead of a series of points that are constantly in flux, there are only two now - and you score by holding both of them for a certain amount of time. I find it a very sensible and satisfying way to go about things, but then again, I'm not a Goddamn crybaby.

    One of the most audible comments about Unreal Tournament regards the lack of Assault. In effect, these were mission-based levels of the type that has become popular now in multiplayer shooters. Never let it be said that it wasn't a good idea on paper. It was a cool way to give purpose junkies like myself access to scenario-oriented deathmatch. All I remember were mongrels and exploits that highlighted the discrepancy between good ideas and good implementation. They probably just asked themselves if they wanted this headache again and decided against it. If we traded Assault for Bombing Run, then we came out on top.

    I'd like to say a word or two about the levels, just in general. One of the words I would like to use is "Yow." Unreal Tournament doesn't do some of the shmancy stuff we might expect from our new videocards, for example, you won't see bump maps or things of that nature. Everyone mentions this, but I don't know if you'll miss them. The textures are often so detailed that I find myself wondering how a flat surface could trick my eye so. The level design in Unreal Tournament 2003 skirts the edge of perfection, leaping that border in certain cases, sculpting true places that satisfy on both aesthetic and amusement axes. It is these levels in fact that made me decide to talk about the game at all, as the people who made them clearly had no say about copy protection, and there's no sense in punishing their excellent work because the guys at the rein are jackholes.

    (CW)TB out.

    but i asked you who was he
    Tycho wrote:

    When I said "the guys at the rein" before, that was not a reference to Mark Rein. Jesus.

    Tycho wrote:
    What The Fuck Do You Want

    That's what I want to know. What the fuck do you want?

    You don't open up Car and Driver to read a review of a new car, and the Car and Driver guy's all like, "Well, it's just another car. It's got wheels, and it drives around. Not much to see here."

    Unreal Tournament is part of a genre, first-person action, and it executes that genre without fail. There are but two things you can do and stay true to form.

    You can improve graphical fidelity. Check.

    You can create or interpret gametypes. Check.

    The review machine doesn't know quite how to deal with this quandary, that a game can still be highly enjoyable even if it does not innovate. Quantum Redshift, a game I hold very dear to my heart, is an extremely addictive execution of hovercar racing. It gets fucked in the ass by every reviewer from hell to breakfast, because they are analyzing it, not playing it. Go get a new fucking job, you're spent. They need to change you people out like lightbulbs.

    What if a game is merely excellent? As a gamer, as a player of games, I am prepared to settle for excellence.

    We all used to be very happy playing a game that was just "fun." If your tastes have changed, if you seek more elaborate diversions, what the hell does that have to do with Unreal Tournament? I didn't go to your site to read a review of you. I could give a fuck about you.

    Gabe wrote:
    I am just about half way through Destiny's Way, the latest book in the New Jedi Order series. If you're a Star Wars fan you really owe it to yourself to read this series. I've talked about it a lot in the past so I'm not going to harp on it too much. Each time I mention it though I get mail weeks later from people thanking me for introducing them to these books.

    I know there are a lot of you out there reading these books along with me so I'm gonna go ahead and talk a bit about them here. I got a lot of mail about Traitor from people who didn't like it and wanted my opinion. To get my opinion you have to go back to Star by Star which I thought was an amazing book. Star by Star is NJO at its best. It places us in the thick of the Vong war and surrounds us with our favorite characters. I actually felt let down by the next book in the series Dark Journey because it really seemed to take us out of the action. It focused on Jaina and in doing so really left us hanging as far as the stories that were set up in the previous book. Next we got Rebel Dream and Rebel Stand which picked up the story where Star by Star left off and both were outstanding. Then there is Traitor. For me personally I liked Traitor for two reasons. One, I think that you can't really appreciate Dark Journey without Traitor. They are basically two halves to the same story and together they give you a much better picture of Jacen and Jaina then we ever had before. They are really coming of age stories in which these children who have shared a special bond since birth are finally separated and forced into adulthood. The other reason I like Traitor is because of the character vergere. She is one of the most interesting characters to come along in years and her relationship with Jacen was written superbly. I can understand why people would feel disappointed with these books though as they take us away from the main action. They are asides to a story arc that we have been following for over two years now. However I think that they are necessary to set these characters up for the books that remain. It's obvious that both Jacen and Jaina have very important roles to play in the coming war. Dark Journey and Traitor laid the foundation that the future of these characters will be built on. Just my two cents.

    I will give a more detailed report on Destiny's way once I finish it. So far the book has been absolutely thrilling. Watching all these various stories finally come together has been great. The book is truly a turning point for the series and I envy Jon Williams for getting the opportunity to tell this pivotal story.

    Speaking of Star Wars, I sent a mail to Lucas Arts PR asking what I would have to do for the opportunity to preview Clone Wars and Bounty Hunter. Obviously these are titles that I am very excited about and I'd love to be able to cover them here on the site. Keep your fingers crossed.

    -Gabe out

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