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Tricky GPS Point of Interest question....

slash000slash000 Registered User regular
So, I have a GPS.

Like most people, I use the POI (Point of Interest) feature quite a bit.

However, there are many categories of POIs that do not come standard. Many of them, say, like all of the locations of Best Buy in the nation, you can find at certain websites, and download the POI category and add it to your GPS.

However, many of them are not already available.


Is there any easy way to take a store/restaurant/company/etc and create a complete POI category for it, for the USA?

The way I'm doing it now is innefficient. I take my city, search for the store in the city on Google Maps, then copy and paste all of the addresses into a geocoder, which translates them into Lat/Longitude coordinates, which I then paste into POIEdit, and save the file as my GPS poi category file.

So my other question is, alternatively, is there any easy way to add latitude/longitude to Google Maps, so that the lat/long pops up with the other info when you search for a store/restaurant/etc in the area/city?

Any other alternatives to quickly producing a POI category for anything?

Thanks. I'm new to all of this.

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