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Dell Coupons and M1330

Dance CommanderDance Commander Registered User regular
So, I want to get an M1330 from Dell. I have heard great things. I'd really like to take advantage of the coupon that's out right now for 20% off any $1249+ configuration, but although I could afford it at the moment, I'd really rather buy it a month or a month and a half down the road.

Problem is, the coupon expires August 1. So I'm wondering, as someone who doesn't watch the laptop market all that closely, do such coupons come about often? I get the impression there are pretty much always coupons out for Dell stuff, but are there usually some for the M1330? Does anyone know where I could find a historical list of coupons?

tl;dr: Should I buy an M1330 now to take advantage of a coupon or wait?

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  • BubbaTBubbaT Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Yes, these coupons (20% off $1249+, 25% off $1499+) come around all the time, usually once a month. If you don't absolutely need one now, I'd hold off. The Centrino 2 stuff should be implemented pretty soon.

    Keep an eye on, there's usually a much better deal on the M1330 about once a month.

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  • Dance CommanderDance Commander Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Oh, wow. I already felt like that was a pretty darn good deal. That's awesome to know though, and makes me feel a lot better about holding off.
    I check slickdeals about 10 times a day at work, so no issues there =)

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