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[CoH/CoV] i13 Live - Unemployment no longer at 100%

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OP shamelessly stolen from Macro9, who shamelessly stole it(but tweaked slightly!) from Gear Girl, who shamelessly stole it from Bucketman, who shamelessly stole it from Accualt. Pretty much all of the credit goes to them.


Mission Architect:
First the City of Heroes Character Creator set a new standard for player creation and customization. Now, Issue 13 takes another giant step, allowing players to design their own missions and story arcs to share with the entire City of Heroes community. Using an intuitive interface similar to the game’s detailed Character Creator, players can create missions from the ground up. Players will determine details ranging from environments, mission objectives, and enemies, to written fiction and character dialogue; giving their stories nearly infinite depth and personalization.

Among other rewards, authors and architects who create the most extraordinary content will garner acclaim and reputation. Community feedback will be paramount and some missions will elevate in status unlocking new rewards and benefits for their creators.

Day Jobs (Offline Character Progression)
Scholar? Caregiver? City Official? Now when players log out of City of Heroes / Villains they’re just getting started! A character’s day job is determined by the actual in-game location from which he or she logs out. If players log out from a University their day job is considered to be a Scholar. If they log out from City Hall they're a City Official. The benefits are thematically appropriate to the location. For example, a City Official earns extra Influence, a Scholar is granted Salvage, a Caregiver is granted Health Regeneration Buffs, etc.

Once characters have accumulated the required amount of time for each Day Job, they are rewarded with the appropriate Day Job Badge and Title, increasing their “earnings” for that job. Multiple Badges can be combined to unlock Accolades and the ability to accumulate additional new rewards. Almost every location within Paragon City and the Rogue Isles has an associated Day Job, resulting in a wide selection of jobs and rewards!

New Powersets
    Shields – Heft a Shield for Heroic of Villainous Ends! This new powerset brings a classic power to City of Heroes: Shields! Now, you can arm Tankers, Scrappers, Brutes and Stalkers with a powerful shield to protect themselves and their allies.
  • Pain Domination – Villains can now bend the power of pain to serve their own ends! Those playing a Corruptor or Mastermind have access to this new powerset. The antithesis of the Hero healing powerset “Empathy,” Pain Domination brings parity between Heroes and Villains with a distinctively evil flair.

New Cimerora Missions
New Hero and Villain story arcs expand upon the history and lore, and delve into the players and politics of Cimerora.

The Merit Rewards System
A new game system that allows players to earn tokens by completing Trials, Task Forces, Strike Forces, Raids, etc. The most challenging and time consuming tasks grant the most reward tokens, which can be redeemed throughout Hero and Villain zones for recipes, enhancements, salvage, costume pieces, badges, inspirations and other game items.

Other features
New Invention Origin Sets, new Costume Sets, a Patron Power Respec, Zone Refinements, and more!


What's new in Issue 12?

The Midnight Squad
An organization of mystics, the Midnight Squad has a secret to end the Rikti Invasion, but without your help, it will remain 'Lost' forever...

"The Midnighters hold many secrets within their walls, including a highly coveted Ouroboros crystal, enabling them to travel to the far reaches of time. There is a familiar threat in an ancient land and the Midnighters need the help of both Heroes and Villains to stop it. Players step foot upon the ancient land of the Roman Cimeroran Peninsula, where they battle deadly creatures, defend an ancient city and ultimately come face to face with the enemy of time itself. Throughout this journey players uncover the mysteries of power and the origins that guide them today."

Roman Style Costumes
Unlocked through achievements ingame, make your Hero or Villain look like a true gladiator.

Epic Archetypes...for Villains!
When a villain hits level 50, they now have two epic archetypes available: Wolf Spiders and Blood Widows. Each of these can branch off into their own different powersets - Wolf Spiders can work as either Bane or Crab Spiders and Blood Widows as Fortunata or Night Widows. All of this comes with a unique story, costume set, missions, and more.

Powerset Proliferation
With Issue 12 comes a brand new opportunity - almost every Hero and Villain archetype will gain access to powers that they didn't have access to before!

Hollows Zone "Gameplay Makeover"
"Significant changes have been made to the Hollows zone to make it more fun! NPC encounters have been rebalanced, including new spawns, new villain groups, mission door improvements, and a mobile hospital has been added to the entrance of the zone. Additionally, Meg Mason, a new contact, has been added to give out repeatable missions."

What else?
Configurable new power trays - customize your UI by placing them anywhere you want.
Contact display redesign - display your contacts as active and inactive, sorting them by a number of criteria.
Inspiration conversion - change three of one kind of inspiration into one of another.
Level-up boost - gain a massive (if temporary) boost to your stats on a level up, as well as full HP and Endurance.
Chat improvements - right click on character names in chat window to ignore, add to friends list, invite to team, etc. Drag any item (enhancement, inspiration, salvage, etc.) into the chat window so that you and others can click a hotlink to view the complete info box.
More real numbers - players can now display stats on powers before they choose them enabling more informed power selection and new temporary powers allow players to display enemy stats.

Credit for the following belongs to Accault.

How good is CoX?
Soooo good.

In this thread we discuss all things City of Heroes and City of Villains. For those new to our world here is a brief FAQ.

City of Villains___________________________________________________________________________________________City of Heroes

Get ready to put the tights on because Cryptic is serving up a 10 Day Free Trial. What does that mean? It means you get a the chance to play the Best Super Hero based MMO of All Time*for FREE!
*By best we mean only, though it is very good.

10 Day Free Trials, EXCELSIOR!

Any active (or inactive) subscriber can send out a few Friend Invites which have a 10 Day Free Trial. We simply need your e-mail to do so. If you decide you like the game and subscribe for two months the person who sent out the invite gets a free month of game time. Very niiiice.

PA plays on the Virtue server.

If you want in, make with the post asking for someone to PM you, then respond with your e-mail. We don't want to accidentally send one person multiple invites since there are only a limited number available. If you end up liking it you can buy the Good vs Evil edition in stores or online for $30 which gives you access to both games and a free month or get just CoH or CoV from the NCSoft store for $20 each. They also include a free month so for $40 you can get two months...meaning you pay $10 for the client instead of $15 when buying the GvE edition. It should be noted GvE comes with some special costume parts, badge, and a jump jet thingy that is okay. ALSO, if you are ACTUALLY INTERESTED and are WILLING TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE for a game someone MIGHT be able to hook you up with a Buddy Pass. All active CoXers got ONE Buddy Pass, which is a 10 day trial that lets you start playing the game for $15 a month afterwards without having to buy the client. Don't be a douche and try to get a Buddy Pass if you don't think you'll actually pay to play the game.

The 411 on City of Heroes/Villains, yo.

Character Creation is likened onto a game of its own.
At launch CoH had something like 3 trillion potentially different costume configurations. Since then they have easily doubled the number of costume pieces, not to mention added face scalers, particle effects, wings, capes, trench coats, etc. So the current number of potential costumes numbers somewhere in the range of awholefuckinglot.
Here is a sample of some of the PAers Team Night characters.

If you've ever wanted to be a robotic undead pirate with a leather fetish and fondness of 80's colorful fashion who can shoot electricity from his hands THIS is the game for you.
Download this Character Builder or Mid's Hero Designer for a list of all powers and Archetypes in the game.[/CENTER]

Continued in the next post...

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    Gameplay and Power to shoot lasers from your eyes!
    CoH/V has your standard MMO ability bar where you click it and perform your special attacks but it isn't really your standard MMO combat.
    • Regular mobs die faster and you fight a hell of a lot more than one at a time. The bigger stuff, like Bosses or Giant Monsters, obviously take longer to kill.
    • You can strategically use Line of Sight and Knockback to your advantage.
    • Combat in large teams can quickly turn into chaos because of the number of enemies being fought at once. You'll see ten guys get blown off the balcony you are fighting on by an Energy Blaster while the Mind Controller forces the Boss to beat up his minions as the Tanker hordes another 15 enemies on him after the Defender just buffed the Scrapper to godhood who proceeds to run off and kill the next spawn over.
    • A small army of Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, etc under your control.
    • Ragdoll physics make you feel like a man. Mobs crumple when they die or get knocked around instead of playing the same animation every time.
    • Lasers...from your eyes. And various other places.
    • Mount? You don't need no mount! Flight, Super Speed, Teleportation, or Super Jump are obtainable at lvl 14 and allow you to haul ass around Paragon and the Rogue Isles instead of just walking. As early as lvl 5 you can obtain a temporary Jetpack to fly around with, just ask how in game.
    • PvP so fast it'll make you feel like a twitch gamer. Various PvP zones with different goals and rewards, like Battlefield style capture points or obtaining your own nuclear missile. No joke, you can get your own orbital nuke (store up to three) to use at anytime.
    • Badges which are like Xbox 360 Achievements for your character. You get EXP for finding exploration ones, you get others for killing X number of mobs or doing certian missions or finishing Task Forces, etc. If you get the right combination of badges it will unlock special powers or permanent Health and Endurance boosts.
    • Special "GTA" style missions. Stop a bank from being robbed, defeat some vandals, prevent an arson, stop a jail brake, etc. Alternatively as villain rob a bank, vandalize everything, start an arson, break a fellow villain out of jail, etc.
    • Physics engine that leaves shell casings, blown up robotic parts, ect on the ground that you AND your powers can interact with. Knock an enemy into a tree and a shower of leaves fall. Use Tornado in an alley and garbage gets thrown up from the dumpsters. Kick a guy of a balcony only to see his neck get caught between the railings so he dangles there in a gruesome, gruesome way.
    You can also blow up lots of shit in Mayhem Missions. This is an in-game shot.

    Oh ho, get 'em Tanker! None of this one enemy at a time, two if you are feeling frisky, crap.

    He gives people cancer just by looking at them.

    That pool table was right next to the guy who looks like a purple ball. That purple ball of electricity was thrown by that big Clockwork, exploded, and sent the table flipping end over end.
    Here are trailers for the five most recent major updates.
    Issue 7 - Destiny Manifest
    The PvP zone they show is plays like a game of BF1942 with capturing strategic points. The zone actually changes looks based on who is winning. If one side is losing too badly their signature Heroes/Villains spawn to assist.

    Issue 8 - To Protect and Serve
    Safeguard missions and a great zone redesign for Faultline along with vet rewards.

    Issue 9 - Breakthrough
    Invention System: We get Ph@t L00ts! Some amazing new enhancements including Diablo style set bonuses. Plus some new high level challenges for Heroes and Villains.

    Issue 10 - Invasion
    Invasion! The Rikti return and only the combined might of both heroes and villains will be able to repel them.

    Issue 11 - A Stitch In Time
    The mysterious Ouroboros organization, a group of beings from the ends of time, enlists the aid of Heroes and Villains to rewrite the past.

    Team/Scheme Night
    Every Tuesday from 8-10cst Heroes and Saturday 3-5cst Villains a bunch of PAers get together to play characters we only play at those times. It is great fun because you always know you'll get a big team, frequently we have three full teams running, and blast with fellow PAers. Sometimes we run Task Force races where separate teams try to blow through these huge story arcs in a race to see who is the best. Then we form a wang train.

    Editor's Note: This has basically died out for the time being but should be back once activity dies down a bit. We just have too many fucking people who want to do other things right now.

    Great CoX Resources
    ParagonWiki is all kinds of useful and ever growing.

    Red Tomax's Guide is really clean and efficient, very nice.

    P.A.ers Super Group FAQ v2.8 - Last Update 10/31/07 - Various Updates


    Who are Power's Allegory/Affliction?
    A_ccualt wrote: »
    Gear Girl wrote: »
    I do what I can to disrupt anything duck is involved in.

    That must make for some awkward moments with your mom.
    Ringo wrote: »
    Mostly I'll wait for when they actually hire people. Right now it's, "Well we want this and we want that and we were thinking about Gear's mom...." which isn't really more than a bunch of hot air.

    The talk that is, Gear's mom isn't that hot.

    That pretty much sums it up..

    What server are the PA super groups on?
    Virtue, the unofficial RP server. Not that we really RP.

    How do I join the PA Chat Channel?
    To join simply type /chanjoin "Penny Arcade" and hit enter. Then right click a chat tab, click edit, and add Penny Arcade to the tab.
    A useful bind is /bind l beginchat /send "Penny Arcade" This way every time you hit l (or any key you choose) it lets you talk to every member of the PAcrew who is on, no matter what character they are playing as. Alternatively you can just right click on the chat window and select the Penny Arcade channel and type away. Also you could simply set the Penny Arcade channel to the default in your chat tab and hit the little A button to type.
    Ringo wrote: »
    Here's how I have done my Global Chat since its inception (because I also dislike Accualt's bind)

    Set Penny Arcade to default in my main Chat window.

    /bind v, chat_ cycle

    This lets me cycle through the various chat groups without click on the little letters or always having to remember to type /g Hay guys! etc etc

    /bind lshift+v, chat_set a

    Because the chat_cycle command makes me press 'v' eight times to get from Team back to Chat, and as far as I know /a still doesn't work. So if I was on the Team channel and want to go back to chatting on PA? just lshift+v and voila.

    Yeah but how do I get in the Super Group?
    The best way to go about this is to ask if anyone in the Global Chat can invite you.

    What PA SGs are there?

    Power's Allegory - Virtue - Main Hero SG
    Power's Allegory - Victory - Secondary Server SG
    Power's Academy - Virtue - Alt Hero SG
    Power's Apex - Virtue - 50s Retirement SG
    Phantom Alliance - Virtue - All Illusion Controller SG
    Squadron - Virtue - Alien Police Themed SG(See Squadron Thread)
    Heroes of Warcraft - Virtue - Warcraft Themed SG

    Power's Affliction - Virtue - Main Villain SG
    Power's Affliction - Victory - Secondary Server SG
    Social Entropy - Virtue - Alt Villain SG
    Union of HARM(Henchman and Rogue Minions) - Virtue - Enemy Group Deserter Themed SG
    Private Attractions - Virtue - Escort Service Themed SG(See Whore Thread)

    Are there any rules for the SGs?
    Don't be a giant ass, we don't like asses. Well we do but only when they are p.h.a.t.
    The SG activity fluctuates so sometimes we have to boot inactive members. We do so based on last time they logged in.
    The SG humbly requests everyone play in SG mode as much as possible as that is how we earn Prestige/Infamy to keep our base (and the teleporters) open.

    Editor's Note: The SG limit has been increased so point two is less of an issue

    I'm in! Now how does this SG costume work?
    Click Super on the text window, Settings in the section that pops up, click accept on this new page, now toy around with the colors. You can opt to turn the SG emblem on or hide it. To turn on SG mode click the Enter/Exit Costume Mode in the Super window. While in SG mode you don't earn as much Influence/Infamy (after lvl 25, before you earn all Prestige and Influence/Infamy) but you do earn Prestige (used to pimp out SG bases) and have a chance to get Salvage (used to "craft" items for the SG bases).

    Also of note many SG members use one of their extra costume slots to make a SG themed costume. For Power's Allegory the colors are any shade of blue and silver. We request that you use the darkest version of Blue instead of any black on the costume. For Power's Affliction the colors are any shade of red and silver. Red vs Blue...yeah, we are dorks.
    Other Frequently Asked Questions
    Tell me about the Archetypes and Power Sets.
    Just download this Character Builder or this Mid's Hero Designer It will be much easier for all of us.

    Is there an easy way to find badges/plagues? I'm lost in Perez Park! Why can't I find any Circle of Thorns?
    Whine, whine, whine. Back in my day we didn't know where anything was and we liked it. Now we have an easier cheater. Here is a link to a webpage with a download that replaces all in-game maps with ones that have badges, plaques, mobs, and even Perez Park trails in them. Enjoy.

    The game runs slowly for me: is there anything I can do to improve that?
    Buy a new computer.

    Alternatively, add this to the Target bar in the shortcut to the game:


    After turning all the settings down, you should be able to get a decent framerate. Though meant for laptops, this could also give you a better experience if you're using an ATI graphics card.

    How do mobs spawn in missions?
    All TFs/Trials always spawn at a set rate above the highest member of the team (usually +2 to the highest member). Also, the amount of enemies in a spawn in any mission is determined by the number of people in your group, changing on the ODD Numbers. So the same amount of enemies will be in a door for a 3 man group as for a 4 man group. Pick up a 5th member and the spawns will go up.

    Basically for determining the amount and level of enemies in a mission or TF, it goes through these steps:

    For TFs/Trials:
    1) Highest level party member
    2) Number of people in party
    3) Mission Difficulty setting of the Leader

    For Missions:
    1) Level at which the mission was received
    2) Number of people in party
    3) Mission difficulty of the owner of the mission
    4) Level Cap for Villian group/Story arc

    How does Experience work in CoH?
    Here is Statesman with detailed answers just before I4s release.
    On the top level, XP is divided by damage done. If two heroes both attack and defeat a single mob, each hero is given XP proportionate to the amount of damage received by the mob.

    Within a team-up, XP is divided equally among each member, but levels are taken into account. So if a 35th level Blaster teams up with a 32nd level Tanker, the 35th level Blaster would receive proportionately more XP (on the assumption that the higher level character contributed more to the conflict).

    When two or more different groups of heroes attack the same mob, the damage of each group is added up and used to divide the mob’s XP.

    For every person in a team up, there is an XP boost. The experience points of each mob are multiplied by a value before being divided among the team members. Currently, the XP boost values are this:

    Team Size XP multiplier
    2 1.25
    3 1.5
    4 1.8
    5 2
    6 2.1
    7 2.2
    8 2.5

    Sidekicking allows players to play at a level higher than their actual Security Level. While Sidekicked, a hero is considered to be at this higher level for XP division. But the hero receives XP depending upon the relatively levels of the mobs he faces. Example: my 15th level Scrapper is sidekicked to a 28th level Controller. For purposes of combat, my Scrapper is now 27th level. If I went out and fought 29th level minions, their XP would be calculated as if they were 17th level minions.

    One thing to keep in mind is that as a sidekick, a hero is counted as a full high-level hero when doling out rewards even though he doesn’t have as many powers as a natural hero would. So the risk for the mentor (and teammates) is slightly higher but they get the same reward. If you are within 3-5 levels of your buddy you might want to think about being a regular teammate and not a sidekick: the rewards might be better. This will depend on the villains you are fighting, your aversion to risk, and the composition of your team.

    While Exemplaring, a hero receives XP in a similar way. The hero’s actual level is brought down to that of the Aspirant. The Exemplar takes XP from mobs depending the relation of the Exemplar level and the mob level. Example: A 45th level Defender is Exemplarred down to 29th level. He fights a 30th level Minion. The Defender earns XP as though it were a 46th level minion. However, an Exemplar does not gain XP; anything earned is applied exclusively to XP debt.
    Where can I download the client, if I need to?
    Click this Linky. The CoH and CoV client are one in the same.

    Any questions? Ask away.

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    Eh, I suppose I ought to reserve this post in case of awesome happenings.

    Also, I suppose I should put together some info on I13 and the custom content thingamabob.

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    There's apparently a possibility that I13 won't be out before the Winter Event (ie, 2009). BaB says it's a hell of an issue, though.

    Also, thanks for making the new thread Bit.

    HarshLanguage on
    > turn on light

    Good start to the day. Pity it's going to be the worst one of your life. The light is now on.
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    Should remove the team/scheme night parts.

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    Wow... doesn't winter event also last like.... 6 weeks as well? (dec-jan)
    That's.... a ways off. Shit.

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    I'm just hoping they hook the MMs up with a new primary.

    I want pirates. Scurvy sea dogs, crewmen and a burly first officer that carries a cannon. Possibly an undead monkey as well.

    see317 on
  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
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    I could see that happening. All the skeletal assets are already there, just need new textures.

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    I'm still holding out hope for the clowns MM set. The tier one summon is a little car and all three fall out, they have seltzer water and giant hammers and it'd be GREAT. Your blasts are pies and seltzer, and one guy has a big rubber chicken as a weapons and man it'll be wonderful.

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    Bwuedot. I have nothing of value to say right now.

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  • NarbusNarbus Registered User regular
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    Do you think there's enough confusion about enhancements still that someone (me) should do a write up on them? For the new kids.

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    That could be helpful for people, especially when it comes to sets. Pointing people to Paragonwiki is fine but a simple quick guide could be nice.

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  • ArcasArcas Registered User regular
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    IOs and sets maybe but I think most people understand regular enhancements.

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    And my will be done.

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  • Asamof the HorribleAsamof the Horrible Registered User regular
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    They should just make MM pets customizable

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    They should just make MM pets customizable

    As long as you can't give them auras. Thats all I need, is try to drop into the black market and freezing in midair due to my connection attempting to process 80 auras going off at the same time.

    MM's...I dunno. I don't think I could get behind the clown idea, thats just creepy. Pirates is a neat concept if done right. I'd want some real badasses, like Pirates of the Carribean 1, not 2 or 3. And don't they already have their own MMORPG that I see comercials for all the freaking time?

    In my own pipedream we'd get a beastmaster of some kind. I can't think of any current 4-legged models ingame, but monkeys are already in. Maybe some crazy baboons at tier 1, something 4-legged at tier 2, and a winged hovering pseudo-dragon or such at tier 3.

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    i'm pretty excited about being able to create our own missions and stuff

    ryzom ring was my favorite part of saga of ryzom

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    I would be playing this game right now if I wasn't broke.

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  • TheLawinatorTheLawinator Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    Does my inability to create a character concept that fits the build I want mean that I shouldn't play this game? How do you guys think up characters?

    TheLawinator on
    My SteamID Gamertag and PSN: TheLawinator
  • StaxeonStaxeon Buffalo, NYRegistered User regular
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    Concept? As in just back story, or as in costume/appearance?

    Staxeon on
    Invisible nap is the best nap of all time!
    No man should have that kind of power.
  • PonyPony Registered User regular
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    you can think of character concepts that fit any build

    you just gotta get creative

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  • NarbusNarbus Registered User regular
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    Well, what is your build and what are your concept ideas. We are a helpful bunch.

    Narbus on
  • Capncrunch7Capncrunch7 Registered User regular
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    I recommend coming up with characters by starting with a name you like, then finding matching powersets is the easy part. I made Vaudevillain, and as a grav/fire dominator he breathes fire and juggles things! Slightly vaudeville, right? This technique also lead to...

    Equal Opportunity - a black, male Night Widow!

    Atraumaton - Robot that loves to punch! Energy melee / elec armor

    Captain Frat - Fraternity douchebag that... shoots energy. Not sure how that one came up.

    Package Boy - UPS courier who fights crime with a box cutter knife, and has grown tough from years of dog attacks (Katana/Invuln)

    Capncrunch7 on
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    I rarely find myself constrained by concepts, but that's typically because I know I want to build a certain character going in.

    Rag on
  • NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
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    Let's see, my ideas were:

    NanKnight - Average Joe that has nanomachines in his body to enhance his body's healing ability. (Nanites is the shortened form of nanomachines, nanite-NanKnight)

    Pyroactive - Radiation/Thermal Radiation corrupter. Just used the names of powers for insperation

    Polar Plasma - Ice Armor/Flame Aura tank. See above.

    Dr. Brute/Dr. Spider - Big bad smart bully.

    Mr. Jay J - There's a story about this. Basicaly me and my friends formed a "gang". Being four of us named Micheal, Robert, James, and John, we created a false persona that was our leader: MR. J J. I took this idea as well as the idea that if enough people believe in something, it becomes reality.

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    I almost made the new thread.

    And then I remembered that I am lazy.

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    Sterica wrote: »
    I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
    Edcrab's Exigency RPG
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    Ringo wrote: »
    I almost made the new thread.

    And then I remembered that I am lazy.

    Me too.

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    Well, since everyone else is doing it.

    Click on name for picture :P

    Doctor Methuselah - Enigmatic Scientist who has unlocked the fundamental formulae of the universe, allowing him to bend reality around him (Magic Rad/Kinetics) (admittedly this guy is ripped off from a pen and paper RPG)

    Red Arbalest - Suave 1930s pulp hero, master of the bow and assorted tricks (Natural Archery/Devices Blaster)

    Huntsman Stollen - Archanos Wolf-Spider Huntsman, squad leader. (Soldier of Arachnos, WolfSpider path with limited bane spider powerpicks)

    Aerofist - WWII Supersoldier experiment, lost in time/space inside the Bermuda Triangle for more than 50 years before reappearing suddenly (Science SuperStrength/Willpower Tanker)

    Wellings - Ruthless secret assassin and monster hunter of the Holy Church, suffered demonic possession as a child giving him nigh immortality, likes his tea. (Magic Dual Blades/Regeneration Scrapper)

    GalagaGalaxian on
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    Ugh 44.6 on my SS/WP Brute now

    so close

    so very close

    Crab Spider you will be mine

    Ledneh on
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    Black Vault - energy/dev blaster based on my main from the ol' Marvel pen and paper RPG days. Your basic guy in a power suit story.

    Sleepytime Bear - ill/storm controller. Group of guys I worked with thought it would be funny to make a Care Bear SG. Lots of fun for about a year. My illusion pets were dream cloud people. Good Luck Bear was our teleporter, ala, Cloud Car.

    Nysa of the East - I completely wanted to make a ninja MM with CoV came out, made a hot chick around that sole desire. ninja/dark MM.

    Doctor Insano - a name I first used on UO. Got it from Waterboy, swapping the Captain for Doctor since I thought it sounded better. grav/? dominator. I haven't played this guy in a year.

    Carl Spidermonkey - VEAT crab. This guy started out as a Iron Spider clone named "Stark Spider Armor". He lasted longer than I thought, I only got slapped like 2 weeks ago for him. I thought up the most ridiculous name I could on the spot and emailed it back for the free name change. He's a brown furry monkey with robotic hands & feet, a spiderpack on his back, and a big banana-yellow C on his chest.

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    Invisible nap is the best nap of all time!
    No man should have that kind of power.
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    Glad someone finally got off their ass. 'Cause I certainly couldn't (it amuses me that certain fora get like 5 simultaneous new threads every time the old thread dings 100, but here both the CoX and the char screenshot thread sat at 100 for 2 days).

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    My favorite character is Pepto-Dismal, he ate a bad salad, overdosed on stomach medicine then was irradiated by his cheap ass microwave. Now he's a pink skeleton in armor that can control plants and shoot mind bullets.

    Kheebler is a close second. He's a midget who lost his hand in an industrial accident, he went insane and is convinced he's one of Santa's Elves. As such he can magically summon robots and traps from the fatman's workshop.

    BlackBorg is fun, but a bitch to play so far. He's a Robot Pirate (or possible a Pirate Robot) that can summon zombies and control weather. When asked why, his creator responded "I'm insane and have access to a great deal of technology, this is what I do".

    I may add screenshots when I'm not at work. I may not. Mystery is the spice of life.

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    They should just make MM pets customizable
    I'm ok with the default "look", but I'd at least like to be able to pick their colors so that they "match" with me. Hello, when your boss is wearing purple, you shouldn't be wearing orange. It clashes.
    Staxeon wrote: »
    MM's...I dunno. I don't think I could get behind the clown idea, thats just creepy.
    That's why it's such a brilliant idea.
    Staxeon wrote: »
    Pirates is a neat concept if done right.
    We already have flintlocks for pistols. I'm thinking they are already going this route.

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    I recommend coming up with characters by starting with a name you like, then finding matching powersets is the easy part. I made Vaudevillain, and as a grav/fire dominator he breathes fire and juggles things! Slightly vaudeville, right? This technique also lead to...

    Equal Opportunity - a black, male Night Widow!

    Atraumaton - Robot that loves to punch! Energy melee / elec armor
    I love these. Damn you for thinking of them first.

    I don't usually come up with funny names. I usually pull up Babelfish or Babynamesworld to come up with names that fit my concept if the name I wanted was already taken.

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    I've turned into one of THOSE people and just keep remaking the same guy with different powers. I'm up to 5. 6 if you count this one side project that I keep taking too seriously.

    Oh also there's The LoveBot. My first ever character. I got her to 50 like 2 months ago. Whoops!

    Oh also Jack Rawks whom I would actually PLAY if he had any mez protection at all. God I HATE not having mez protection.
    His "superhero" costume

    And then there's my fire/kin corr, Mr. Baboom

    He's pretty


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    I lock threads, I can't be expected to make them too

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    I wonder if I should make a game mechanics guide sometime, you know, with the special flair that I posses. I can imagine most of you would know what the knockback section would look like.

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    I would like to read your section on Knockback. I think I generally use it pretty well, unless I'm bored and want to annoy people.

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    Here's a draft I've been working on for the KB section:

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    Pb wrote: »
    Here's a draft I've been working on for the KB section:

    oh shit i didn't know frank miller played this game

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